Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss Review + Zaron Lipstick Pen Review 

Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss Review, Zaron Lipstick Pen Review

Hey guys! I’m back with another Zaron Review.  This time I’m reviewing some of their lip products; specifically their luxurious lip gloss and their lipstick pen.

Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss Review – 24 Karat

Zaron Cosmetics 24 Karat Luxurious Lip Gloss Review

Zaron Cosmetics Luxurious Lip Gloss is a semi-opaque lip gloss. It has a pleasant fragrance. It is not tacky or sticky.

I really like the tapered wand this gloss has. It is flat at the sides and I feel like it helps with getting a precise and even application.

I got the shade  24 Karat which is a gorgeous pinky nude on my skintone. This shade has no pearl or shimmer. It’s  a beautiful creme finish. It looks great worn alone or over lipstick.

Zaron 24 Karat Luxurious Lip Gloss swatch, Zaron Muse Lipstick Pen swatch
Top: Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss in 24 Karat. Bottom: Zaron Lipstick Pen in Muse

Zaron Lipstick Pen Review- Muse

Zaron Lipstick Pen Review, Zaron Muse Lipstick Pen Review

Zaron makes a jumbo pencil called a lipstick pen. It can be used as a lip liner or a lipstick. The texture/formula reminds me of the really good MAC retro matte lipsticks. It’s matte but not drying. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s like a regular lipstick, so it’s not hardcore transfer-proof. You will need to reapply as the day goes on. It makes a great lip liner too.
I really like it, and I love that it is a lipstick and a lipliner in one because I tend to wear my favourite lip liners as lipsticks.

In the photo below, I filled in my lips with the lipstick pen in Muse, and I applied the Luxurious Lip Gloss in 24 Karat over it.

The lipstick pen is available from the Zaron website for N1695, while the Luxurious Lip Gloss retails for N1850.

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3 Replies to “Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss Review + Zaron Lipstick Pen Review ”

  1. I’ve been eyeing Zaron Lipstick Pen for a while. Your review might just get me to give in and try one. I’ll pass on the lip gloss though; I tend to stick with MAC Vamplify and ABH Lip Gloss mostly.

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