Zaron Cosmetics Lashes Review + Photos 

Zaron Lashes Review

Hey guys, today I’m reviewing some lashes from Zaron Cosmetics. Zaron is a Nigerian owned brand with quite a wide range of products, but we’ll talk about that later. Let’s get into the lashes.

I recently recieved THE cutest package from Zaron Cosmetics. It was just so nicely packaged  and you guys know I’m a sucker for packaging. Lol! It includes a bunch of things I will be reviewing over the next few days/weeks, so expect a lot of Zaron reviews in the near future.

I got a pair of lashes in the package, and I already had another pair I purchased myself. I will be reviewing both today.

Zaron Lashes in the style “Snazzy”

Zaron Cosmetics Snazzy Lashes

Snazzy is a full, glamourous lash style. It has the longest hairs in the middle and end and it’s perfect for full glam, I -came-to-slay looks. I really love lashes with criss-crossed hairs. They just look so nice.

Zaron Lashes in the style “Swag”

Zaron Lashes Swag

Swag is a long, wispy, everyday wearable pair of lashes. It has longest hairs in the middle, which is my preferred style for my hooded eyes. I love that this has a mix of longer and shorter lengths of hair. These remind me a lot of the Ardell Wispies. They give that same wispy, everyday glam effect.

Zaron Lashes Review

Zaron Lashes are synthetic lashes with a very thin, almost invisible band. They feel light weight and comfortable to wear.

These lashes are available on the Zaron Cosmetics website for N1,155. Zaron also has a pretty great distribution system going on in Nigeria.  If you live in a major city, chances are you can find their products in a super market near you.

If false lashes are not your thing, check out their amazing Volumizing Mascara.
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