Zaron Cosmetics Liquid Concealer Review, Swatches, Demo, Wear Test

zaron cosmetics liquid concealer review

Zaron Cosmetics recently launched their liquid concealers, and I was so excited about this launch that I bought it with my own money and had someone DHL it to me all the way to obodo oyibo, cos I’m not in Lagos at the moment. Yes, it was that deep! So was it worth it? Read on to find out! 

This concealer comes in three side-eye worthy shades – more on that later – and it does not make any claims beyond being a “liquid concealer/highlighter”.

The first thing that stood out to me was the strange brush-tip wand.  Where most concealers have a doe-foot applicator, this had a brush applicator, which I initially found weird, but I actually ended up liking it.

zaron cosmetics liquid concealer review

Zaron Cosmetics Liquid Concealer Review

Because this has no product claims, I’m just going to go ahead and share my thoughts on the concealer. I found this to be a light coverage concealer, medium at best, that really provided a great brightening effect to the under eye. I found it to be decent at controlling oil, but not drying. It had a slight fragrance that was not unpleasant. It did not settle into the lines under my eyes. It did not feel heavy or look cakey on the skin.

By the end of the day, it had faded a little bit, which is to be expected.

If you like a natural looking, light coverage concealer, I believe you’re going to enjoy this. I am very pleased with the undertones of this concealer, and it is truly impressive for costing only N1550.

I’m not sure why this is not available from the brand website, but I got mine from Girly Essentials.


However, I must admit a have one major gripe with it. There are only three shades. I wear the darkest shade as a bright highlight. I uploaded my video on this foundation before I typed up the blog post, and the comments I got on that video say the same thing; that Zaron has a history of excluding darker skin tones in their complexion products. This is bad enough without context, but when you acknowledge the fact that this is a Nigerian brand, selling to women in Nigeria, Ghana, and a few other African countries, it becomes downright confusing. How are you going to make products that exclude the majority of your demographic? I am not understanding.

I’ve had two deeper skinned blogger friends complain to me that they have no shade in this product. My best friend, who is slightly darker than me, doesn’t have a shade here either.

Zaron cosmetics liquid concealer swatches
Zaron cosmetics liquid concealer swatches. top to bottom: LIGHT, MEDIUM, DEEP.

I know we have a problem here. Light skin is seen as more desirable – an unsavory side effect from our colonial days that we still need to work on – and I understand that sometimes the market is just responding to demand.

I am in the business of cosmetics retail myself, and I constantly get customers who intentionally buy complexion products that are one or two shades lighter than they are, because they feel it will make them look “brighter”. I also notice tons of Nigerian MUAs who use complexion products that are far, far too light for their clients. So I understand that Zaron might just be focusing on what they feel will sell the most.

But, I think times are changing, I think we need to start having these conversations and asking ourselves the hard questions about colorism and some of our “preferences”. I think Zaron should expand their shade range because this is just sad. I’d like to see at the very least, one more darker shade than the current darkest concealer shade.

I’m not trying to shade Zaron, because I know how things can often be misconstrued online. I love the brand and I think they are doing amazing. They’ve been the pioneer brand in the Nigerian beauty industry, and I hope they can lead the way when it comes to making more inclusive shades too.


UPDATE FROM ZARON: New shades of the concealer are in the works, and the shade range for the liquid foundation has been expanded. I believe Deola of OmogeMura tried out one of the new darker foundations in this video, so you can check that out to see how it performed. They also say that they always had darker shades in other formulations, and I thought that might be something you guys would like to know.



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