BrowLution! By Yanga Beauty- Review and Swatches. 



Hey guys! Recently, Yanga Beauty launched a brand new eye brow pencil called the “BrowLution” pencil, and they were kind enough to let me try it out. So today’s post is going to be a Yanga Beauty Browlution review!


Can we talk about how cute the packaging is?  The packaging is a pretty combination of gold and black. It is also sturdy and feels well made.

Yanga Beauty browlution eye brow pencil review
Yanga Beauty Browlution packaging

BrowLution is a thin, retractable brow pencil which also includes a spoolie. There’s only one shade: universal, and I worried that it might be too dark or too light for me, but it’s perfect. I’m actually impressed because we all know that “universal” shades aren’t  always universal. But I’ve seen this on both dark skinned and light skinned people on their Instagram (@yangabeauty) and it looks great on everyone.

Yanga beauty browlution brows
How it looks on the brows.


To fill in my brows I define the lower line, following the natural arch of my brows. I  especially do this if I’m due for tweezing/threading.  Then I just fill in the sparse areas and use the spoolie to brush upwards and outwards. I prefer my brows to look as close to natural as possible, so I don’t use concealer to outline them. I just try to tweeze the new hairs as often as I can to retain the defined arch.


Bottomline: I really love this pencil. It’s not waxy or greasy at all, it is buildable (at least on my skintone), it is long lasting, and the texture is perfect.  Not too hard, but not too soft. The packaging is sturdy and pretty.

If you live in Nigeria and you’re looking to try a new brow pencil, this is definitely worth a shot.

Price and where to buy: N4500 from YangaBeauty.

This product was given to me for free for review consideration, but all opinions are my own and are 100% honest, as usual. 

7 Replies to “BrowLution! By Yanga Beauty- Review and Swatches. ”

  1. BrowLution. That’s a cool name right there. Thanks for the review. Stop hiding your face by the way. You’re gorgeous.

  2. Lol you will get over it I wanted to be ”anonymous” too but…
    I really want to try this pencil I can’t say I’ve ever come across a universal brow shade before so I’m very curious.

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