UberChic Ville Lashes Review

Hey guys! Today’s post is an unusual one. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed lashes here before, as I wasn’t much of a lash wearer until this year. But I’ve decided to step out of my makeup comfort zone this  year, so instead of only wearing neutral shadows and nude lipsticks, I’ve decided to try all the crazy trends I’ve shied away from in the past. Blue lipstick? Glitter Liner? False Lashes?  I plan to try them all this year.
And so here we are.  UberChic Ville generously sent me some false lashes, and I love them. I got the styles Whisper and Flirt.

Whisper is a gorgeous lowkey everyday sort of lash. It has the longest hairs in the middle, and it is perfect for those of us with hooded eyes. I love the spiky lashes effect this gives. You can see it better in other photos below.

Flirt is denser, fuller, and has the longest hairs at the ends. It is still very light and wearable, but it gives a more dramatic  effect than Whisper. This really opens up the eyes.

I love the crisscross effect that both of these lashes have. The hairs look and feel so realistic. I really have nothing negative to say about them.

Did I mention that I just adore Uberchic Ville’s white and gold packaging? It’s very chic. 😏

These are mink lashes, which I’ve been hearing about a lot, but I never quite got what’s so special about them. I mean I know the band’s are thicker than that of regular lashes, but beyond that, I never really got what the big deal was.

Well, I get it now. Mink lashes look and feel like real actual lashes, where regular lashes like the Ardell or even the Eylure ones look obviously synthetic.

Do you see what I mean about the spike effect of the Whisper lashes? It’s gorgeous! I love it.

You can buy these lashes from the UberChic Ville website. The code  “bfrenzy” will give you 10% of your order.

Do you wear lashes? Which of these styles do you like best?

UberChic Ville also makes some bomb glitters, and you can see my review and swatches of them here.
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