Uberchic Ville Glitters : Review & Swatches + Discount Code! 

Recently, I received some  Uberchic Ville  glitters to review. Uberchic Ville is a Nigerian brand. I’m just so impressed with the quality of stuff our homegrown brands are putting out these days. Uberchicville Ville makes two kinds of glitters: pressed and loose.

I’m most excited about the pressed glitters because I find them really easy to use, even with a normal eyeshadow primer, or without any primer at all.

Pressed Glitters

I got three pressed glitters, Dark Knight, iCandy and Pearl.

Dark Knight is a purple with pink reflects.

iCandy is a blue green with bright green shift. When worn on the eyes or swatched, it is a lot brighter than it appears in the pan. Although it can still look very dark and more blue green, depending on the light. It’s a very unusual shade. I like it. It reminds me of a very very extra version of ColourPop’s Shameless.

UberChic Ville Pearl Pressed Glitter

This is the shade Pearl, which is a translucent pearly shade. It works like a top coat for regular shadows, and can transform any shadow into a glitter .

Uberchic Ville Pearl Glitter Swatch
Top to bottom; 1.Uberchicville Pearl over MakeupGeek Motown
2. Makeup Geek Motown alone
3.Uberchic Ville Pearl alone.
Loose Glitters:

I got three loose glitters: Black Diamond, Gold Digger, and Heart Beat.

Black Diamond: omg I’m obsessed with this shade. The only way I can describe it is “multicoloured black” It makes such an awesome lid shade for a truly dramatic smokey eye. It is magical when applied over a black base. I need a back up!

Heartbeat: Heartbeat is a true red.

Gold Digger: Gold Digger is a true yellow Gold.

I even got a little extra and did a gif swatch of these, so you can see them in action. Although, in retrospect, I should’ve swatched the pressed glitters in this format too. I will probably do that later and update this post.

How To Easily Create A Glitter Eye Look.

If you’re a bit hesitant about trying glitter, or you find all the glam/cut crease/glitter liner looks too adavanced to try, there is a way to easily incorporate it into your look:

Use it as a lid colour: You can use it all over the lid or just pop it in the center of your lid – in the place where you’d normally put the brightest/most shimmery shade of eyeshadow, you can use glitter instead or add glitter on top of a base shade, to make your eyes pop. I have been loving this, it just elevates a basic eyeshadow look, and it takes all of 5 seconds to do.

Packaging, price and other details:

The loose glitter comes in standard packaging with a clear jar and white twist cover, with no sifter, while the pressed ones come in a standard sizee eyeshadow pan, but the pans are not magnetized.

I love the colour scheme of the packaging, and at this price point, the lack of a sifter doesn’t bother me. Because the pans are not magnetized, I store them in the sleeves they came in.

According to the brand website, these can be used on the skin, eyes, and nails.

I will incorporate them into my manicures in the future. I think it will be a fun and easy way to vary your mani.


I love these glitters. The colours are amazing, and the shade range is great. They have so many more shades than I have reviewed here. It is pretty affordable too. If you’re into glitter, I highly recommend these!
They’re available from the Uberchicville website, and they cost N1200 for the loose glitter and N750 for the pressed ones.

Discount code

Uberchic Ville was lovely enough to provide me with a discount code for my readers and followers, so the products get even more affordable. Use code “bfrenzy” for some money off. And if glitter isn’t your thing, they have lashes as well, which the code also works for.

If you do pick up something from them, let me know how you like it.

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