The Ordinary is Coming To Sephora, And Here Are Ten Products You Should Buy!

The Ordinary Best Products

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a serious love affair going on with Deciem, the brand behind The Ordinary. I have tried probably 30 or so products from them, and I have rarely been disappointed. So imagine my excitement when I disocvered that they are going to selling selected The Ordinary products at Sephora. Not only that, their often teased upcoming brand, Abnomaly, will also be sold at Sephora.

According to this article, we should expect all sorts of weird things from Abnomaly from hyaluronic acid mouthwash to gold paint. But that’s not what todays post is about. In this post, I want to share some of my favourite The Ordinary products.

The Ordinary Best Products

1. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution.

There is a reason why Deciem can’t seem to keep this in stock. It is that good! With 7% glycolic acid, this toner is formulated to target textural irregularities and lacklustre skintone. So if you’re after smooth glowing skin, this is definitely something you should pick up. Buy here, or read my full review here.

2. AHA 30% BHA2% Peeling Solution

If you’re used to lower concentrations of acids, and you’re looking to try something more intense, this is the way to go. This blood red liquid might be a little creepy looking, but it does wonderful things for the skin. It exfoliates, smooths out uneven texture, and brightens the skin. Buy here, or read my full review here.

3. Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

This targets uneven pigmentation and textural irregularity too. (can you tell those are my biggest concerns?) What’s special about it is that Azelaic Acid occurs naturally on the skin, and it is somehow more gentle than gentle than other acids. It is not irritating and can actually calm the look of red skin or irritated skin. I also love that this is not a toner or a mask, but more like a cream that you can apply day or night. Buy here.

4. Squalene

Ooh, I’m so excited about this one. I was previously using the Rose Hip Seed Oil, and I loved it, but I’m always looking to try new stuff, and squalane was next one my list. This is very lightweight, and it is great for acne prone skin because it won’t clog up the pores. best of all, it doesn’t have that funky scent the RoseHip Seed Oil has. Buy here.

5. Hyaluronic Acid

In simple terms, this helps to attract water to your skin, keeping your skin hydrated. It is a pretty popular product in most moisturizers, but if you want to step it up, you can add it as a standalone serum to your skincare routine. I love to layer this under my Natural Moisturizing Factors. Buy here.

6. Natural Moisturizing Factors.

This is a really great, really basic moisturizer that does what it says on the label. it is rich but lightweight, which makes it perfect for oilier skin types who want a little bit of added hydration without the greasiness of an oil. Buy here.

7. 5% Granactive Retinoid in Squalene

So Deciem only claims that this helps with signs of aging, but this particular retinoid contains retinoic acid, which is known to be a great ingredient for treating acne. I have really been loving this serum. I use it at night a few times a week, and it has been doing wonderful things for my skin. Buy here.

8. Buffet

This does a little bit of everything. Deciem describes it as a multi-technology peptide serum that targets surface hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, textures, and dynamic lines. Which makes it a great option if you want to try something from the brand but you’re not quite sure what. It also contains Matrixyl, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid. Buy here

9. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This is great for keeping excessive oil production in check, so if have oily skin, this is definitely you want to add to cart. IT also claims to shrink pores but honestly, I’m yet to see any great different in pore size, but I will report back when I get to the bottom of my bottle. Buy here.

10. Vitamin C 30% in Silicones

The Ordinary offers quite a few different Vitamin C serums. This one is by far my favourite because not only does it do all the usual wonderful things vitamin C usually does for the skin. It actually feels nice putting it on. It feels like a really good mattifying primer. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it also brightens the skin. I love to pair this with Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%. These are just a few products Iove from The Ordinary. You can see my review of all their products here LINKS MAY BE AFFILIATES. Thank you for stopping by! Follow me on Instagram: @beautyfrenzyblog Join the Beauty Frenzy mailing list here to stay updated about giveaways, blog sales, and new posts. You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin’ And if you liked this post, please share it by clicking any of the social media icons at the bottom of the page.

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