Sigmagic Scrub Review + Demo

Sigma Sigmagic Scrub Review

Sigma has always been a pioneer when it comes to brush care. I do not think that any other brand is quite this invested in us keeping our brushes clean and I love it! I hate washing makeup brushes, so I am always excited for anything that makes the process easier. 

I am especially excited for this new brush cleansing device called the Sigmagic Scrub.

Product Information

The SigMagic™ Scrub is a first-of-its-kind, two-in-one brush cleanser and brush care gadget. It is designed with the award-winning technology of Sigma Spa®. This contains a 100% natural, virgin coconut oil and certified sustainable palm oil formula. It melts away makeup and kills bacteria. The patented, deep-penetrating silicone texture scrubs residue for a quick, total clean without damaging brushes. This tool features thoughtfully designed suction cups that allow for hands-free cleaning. It has a vented lid to allow residual water to evaporate, prolonging the life of the cleanser. It is fragrance, paraben and sulfate-free. It is antimicrobial.

Sigmagic Scrub Review + Demo

This is a really simple and effective way to clean makeup brushes. I don’t think it gets much more convenient than this. The cleanser in this scrub appears to be the solid version of the Sigmagic Brushampoo which is the best brush shampoo I have ever used. The Sigmagic brushampoo works great for both natural and synthetic bristles so you don’t have to worry about using it with your natural hair brushes.

I love that this is anti microbial, so it sort of cleans and disinfects your brushes all in one simple step. As you can see from the video it complete cleaned my brushes of foundation, eyeshadow and powder.

I absolutely love this and I would highly recommend it.





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