Buying From Indie Brands – Why You Need PayPal + Juvia’s Place , ColourPop Customer Service and Refund Policy

Indie brands with bad customer service

Earlier this year, I had a rather unpleasant customer service experience with a brand I otherwise like, and am very much a fan of what they do: ColourPop Cosmetics.

At the time, I glossed over it and I didn’t want to talk about it on the blog too much because I was quite upset about the whole thing and I didn’t want to do a ranty post when I wasn’t feeling calm, but I’m over it now, so I felt ready and objective enough to do this post.

Here’s what happened: 

ColourPop Cosmetics Customer Service and Refund Policy.

Colourpop customer service experience

A couple of days before Black Friday 2016, ColourPop offered free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase. I was thrilled and I ordered a few things. I hadn’t ordered Colour Pop products to Nigeria before so I was curious to see how long shipping would take, and how it would go. Usually, I’d get them shipped to a friend in Canada who then sends them to me

In my experience, products shipped from the US take 2-3 weeks to get to Lagos. I know some people who ordered ColourPop products to Lagos and received their order in about 2 weeks. So when a whole month passed and my order wasn’t here, I got a little concerned.
The Sigma order I placed on Black Friday arrived and I still hadn’t received this ColourPop order I had placed a few days prior. I finally reached out to ColourPop and I was a little disappointed with the way they handled the matter.
They basically said they don’t do refunds and if I didn’t receive my order, that’s my problem, and they can’t offer me any solutions.
They didn’t even offer to find out what had happened from the shipping company. Nothing. They just pretty much told me to bugger off as politely as possible.
And I checked, they actually have no policy at all for what happens if you don’t receive your item, so if pay with your card instead of Paypal, and you don’t receive your items, they can and most likely will refuse to refund you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
I’m actually quite disappointed with this particular (lack of ) policy. When you shop online from a brand I believe it is their responsibility to make sure you receive your items. Not just to take your money and proceed to ignore you.

The whole process of online shopping – paying for something, sight unseen, with the hopes that you will eventually receive what you paid for, or at the very least get your money back – takes some level of trust, and after this experience I definitely lost that trust where Colourpop is concerned.

My order eventually turned up a little over 6 weeks later.

I know a lot of people have ordered ColourPop to Nigeria and received it with no issues, and I’ve placed numerous orders from the brand in the past and received nothing but excellent customer service, so I’m not trying to bash the brand or anything, I like some of their products and will likely purchase from them in the future. But I feel like it’s easy to have nice customer service when everything is going well with an order. The real test comes when there’s actually a problem, and yeah, they failed the test.

I just feel it’s important to share the negative experiences as well as the positive ones, so that buyers can make an informed decision.

Juvia’s Place Customer Service and Refund Policy

Juvia's Place Customer Service experience

What actually prompted me to write this post was my friend’s recent experience with Juvia’s Place. She has purchased from Juvia’s Place several times in the past and recieved her orders with no problems. But remember what I said about problems being the true test of customer service?

She placed an order sometime in March 2017.  Juvia’s Place accidentally put in the wrong address and shipped the item to the wrong location.

Now they’re refusing to retrieve the package, ship her a new one or refund her money. Customer service has been completely unhelpful and when she complained on Instagram they blocked her! 😂😂😂😂 Just imagine the level of pettiness a brand has to attain to block a paying customer for complaining about bad customer service. It’s amusing but on the other hand it’s really not.

She ordered about $100 of goods and now she has neither her money nor the packages. I asked her if she paid with PayPal and she said no, which brings me to this post. (I have asked her to contact her bank btw. I hope they can retrieve her money for her)

I always use Paypal when I shop on Juvia’s Place site because they have sort of attained a notorious reputation for their less-than-stellar customer service. It’s a shame really, because they make gorgeous stuff.

Anyway, I realised that I never really shared what I took away from my experience with ColourPop, and if I had, it might have led her (and my other readers) to make safer purchasing decisions.


What Is Paypal and How Does It Protect You? 

How to get your money back when you don't receive your package

Paypal is an online financial service that camouflages your bank/card details and lets you make payments using your email address. Lol I’m probably not explaining it right, so let me break it down.

So, you set up an account. It’s pretty easy, they will talk you through it. All you need is an email address and a bank account or a debit /credit card.

You can link your bank account or card to your account, and voila!, you can make payments on lots of retailer sites using the email address registered to your PayPal account. Even Sephora now allows payments via PayPal. I can’t think of any many major retailers that don’t allow PayPal.

Paypal hides your card bank details, so the merchants/retailers can’t see it. This protects you from credit card fraud or whatever, should the site your shopping on get hacked. Your information can’t be stolen if it’s not available.

But for me, the best part of Paypal is buyer protection.

Paypal Buyer Protection

Paypal makes a simple promise: If you pay with PayPal and you don’t receive exactly what you ordered, they will help you get your money back. And this is not a joke guys, it works. All you need to do is raise a dispute on the transaction in question via your PayPal account, providing all the details, and they will take it from there. If you really have not recieved your items (after a reasonable time has passed), they will get you a refund. Quick and easy.
I feel like it is important to pay via PayPal when shopping with indie brands because a lot of them have some very unfriendly policies, or just unpleasant customer service in general. Or they might even have shady security and your financial information might not even be safe when used on those sites.

With PayPal you can get your money back if you run into any issues and the brand is being unhelpful. I sometimes forget or I don’t feel like doing the extra step, but after my ColourPop experience it’s become something I make sure to do every time.
So that’s it for this post. I know some people don’t like posts like this, and I feel we live in this slightly ridiculous era where people can’t even talk about a brand’s bad customer service or makeup products they don’t like without being labeled as a “hater” or giving multiple disclaimers so as not to offended anyone, but you know, it is what it is.

Sometimes products suck. Sometimes brands have bad customer service and unfriendly policies. You might have to occasionally deal with the former, but Paypal can protect you from the latter! 🤗

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17 Replies to “Buying From Indie Brands – Why You Need PayPal + Juvia’s Place , ColourPop Customer Service and Refund Policy”

  1. I once placed an order on Fashionnova and till now, I haven’t gotten my order. It’s almost a year ago. Sent emails, no reply. Left a comment on their page on IG and they quickly deleted it and said I should send an email again. I did and they were not helpful at all. I have ordered from them before with no issues, that’s why I let it go. The only thing they care about is your money. Once you pay,the rest is 0.

  2. Juvia’s place is truly notorious for their customer service. Like I literally have to pray my order gets to me in one piece. About PayPal, I think they’re good on a good day. My sister had a problem with a merchant once and called PayPal. Different reps were giving her different answers. One said to refuse the package at the door, but since she had a mailbox address, that was impossible;the other said to call the shipping company and return to sender, the other said there was nothing they could do. But on a good day baa, PayPal is great.

    1. I’ve used Paypal buyer protection with a few unserious merchants and it has always worked for me, but I’m sure they have their flaws too. In any event, it’s still better than paying with your card. I never quite believed all the Youtube complaints about Juvia’s till they did the same thing to someone I know personally. I wish they’d shape up and do better.

  3. I once had an experience with River Island where a particular product I got was not shipped and it just delayed everything but PayPal came to my rescue. I usually alternate but this post just emphasized the use of PayPal so I’ll stop alternating henceforth! Just stick with PayPal so I’m safe lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, I used to alternate too but I don’t risk it anymore. Better safe than sorry. Thank you for reading!

    1. It might be that the billing address you’re inputting doesnt match the address on the card. Also, as far as I know, the only Nigerian banks that currently allow Paypal on their cards are Access Bank and FCMB.

  4. I’ve ordered twice from Colourpop(to friends in the US who bring it home for me in Kenya) and both times I LITERALLY prayed that my order gets here lol!! After all the negative feedback, I think prayer was the best solution!! lol. I’ll try Paypal…

    1. It’s so tricky shopping online from this part of the world lol. I definitely recommend using PayPal. Thank you for reading. X

  5. Thank you for sharing your unfortunate experience and for the amazing advice to use PayPal. I whole heartedly agree when dealing with brands you’re unsure of, but now it seems like a good idea to use it whenever you can as I’ve been hearing stories like this from other big name brands, too. You’re also right when you say you don’t know if a company has good customer service until there’s a problem.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below! I read every single one and I try my best to reply as much as I can.