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IMG_20150908_173839I was scrolling through the Superdrug website, looking for an affordable blending brush for eye shadows, when I found the Just Blending In brush by L.A.B.2 I was drawn in by the quirky, playful name and the very reasonable price point( 6.99 GBP). So I checked out the rest of the line and saw they had some other brushes I wanted. I got 4 brushes from them. The Just Blending in Brush, The Beyond a Shadow of Doubt Brush, The Get in Shape Brow and Liner brush, and the Read My Lip brush. 

About the brand: L.A.B.2 puts a powerful new spin on beautiful, creating new ways to bring artistry to life and inspire makeup beginners and beauty junkies alike. We’re a stylish beauty line that prides itself in creating innovative, trend-setting beauty products with top-rated quality as we blend excitement and sophisticated edge together. This balance of style and playful spirit appeals to anyone who embraces individuality and beauty as it delivers confidence in every stroke. L.A.B.2 is short for Live and Breathe Beauty. (Info from the brand website )

L.A.B.2‘s description of the brushes:
The brush hairs are made with FiberLuxe Technology, specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments, providing you with : superior pigment pick-up and release, even colour distribution, precise makeup application,  and flawless, professional results.

According to LAB2, the handles are “unique, soft touch handles that  fit comfortably in your hands for increased control and ease.”  Basically, the handles are rubberized, which I think might help with gripping them well, OR might not be so good for people with sweaty palms. In any event this is one way the brushes are different from other brushes so it’s worth noting.

Packaging: The brushes come in a cardboard pack with a clear compartment in front, through which you can see the brushes. The packs seem to be colour-coded, teal for eyes, purple for lips, yellow for face, etc. The packs have information and illustrations on the back, showing you how to use the brushes. The packaging definitely does not feel cheap for the price.


I got the following brushes

The Just Blending In brush  


What  L.A.B.2 says:
I am designed with a long, domed-shape to fit perfectly in the crease of the eyes, giving you expert blending so you can evenly and smoothly achieve maximum shadow application.


What I think:
It is an eye shadow blending brush which I was in desperate need of.  It is soft and fluffy and blends well.

The Beyond a Shadow of Doubt brush


What L.A.B.2 says:
A versatile eye shadow brush that precisely distributes color evenly to the lids.
-I have a perfectly shaped bristle head which allows you to sweep eye shadows over your entire eyelid or specific areas for an expert shading effect
-My round-tip edges allow smooth and precise application while eliminating any harsh lines.


What I think:
This is a wider, paddle shaped eye brush that I think works well for all over shadow application, but can also be used for more defined application. I will be using this to apply a base colour all over the eyes and also to apply my lid colour.

The Get In Shape Brush


What  L.A.B.2 says
A brow & eyeliner brush designed for precise application of all types of eyeliners and brow formulas.
-My angled shape allows for precise lining, contouring and shading control
-I have firm, perfectly sized bristles to add definition around the lash line for eye-popping drama and filling in brows to create the illusion of the perfect shape

What I think:
I love versatile products and I like that I can use this for both brow products and eyeliners. I love how it is firm enough for the intended purpose, but soft enough that is doesn’t irritate/ scratch the delicate skin of my lash line.

The Read My Lip Brush

What L.A.B.2 says:
A high-quality lip brush and protective metal cap designed to precisely apply lip color and gloss at home or on the go.
-My long bristles allow you to easily deposit lip color evenly with every stroke
-My rounded tip comes to a firm point to provide you with a precise and controlled application; allowing you to line the outer rims of your lips for extra definition.

What I think
This brush is the one I am most excited about. I love that it is convertible. The handle comes off and can double as a cover for the bristles, so you can easily throw this in your bag for touch-ups during the day. This is perfect for me because I wear liquid lipsticks a lot and I find that most of them are best applied using lip brushes. 

Overall, I am very satisfied with the brushes. They are soft, They haven’t shed and they are not scratchy.  They are good quality for the price (all brushes mentioned here cost less than 7 pounds each, and on top of that Superdrug sometimes has discounts as high as 1.5 to 3 GBP off  L.A.B.2 brushes or 3  L.A.B.2 brushes for the price of 2. )

I am very excited about this brand. I love that they are available in the UK, despite the fact that it is an American-based brand. I love that they do tutorials on their Youtube channel, so that you know how to use the brushes.  I adore the way they name their brushes, their prices are very reasonable, the quality of their stuff is pretty good too.

Even though they are a relatively new company, I can see them becoming a household name like Real Techniques if they play their cards right.

 L.A.B.2  brushes are available in the UK from Superdrug, and in the US from Walmart and the brand website. They also have selected products available from ULTA.

Have you used any  L.A.B.2 products? What do you think of them?

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