Review: Yanga Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Purp

I’ve been wanting to try the Yanga Beauty liquid lipsticks and I was so excited when they sent me one to review.

Brand description: “These liquid to matte lip colours are made with a rich formula designed to deliver a smooth texture with an intense pigment that is waterproof and transfer-proof.  They can be worn all day long to the office, wedding ceremonies and dinner dates.”

I received the shade Purp, which is a deep violet shade.

The formula applies easily and layers well. It gives you a bit of time to work before it dries. It has good pigmentation and opacity. It is long lasting and waterproof.

It lasts for a long time and it doesn’t get crumbly or flaky throughout the day, unless you eat oily food then it starts to wear off, like most liquid mattes tend to do. Also, like most liquid mattes it is a little drying, but it’s nothing unbearable. I would suggest wearing a light layer of lip balm under this. A little lip balm underneath  this will provide a bit of moisture and comfort without altering the matte, transfer proof finish of the lipstick.

The most exciting thing for me is the fact that it is almost a spot-on dupe for Coloured Raine’s Raine Fever.  If you read my Products Youtube Made Me Buy post, then you know that while I love the shade Raine Fever, I have a hard time applying it because of how streaky and impossible to layer it is.

So imagine my excitement at discovering a dupe for the shade in a formula that is easy to apply and easy to layer. Purp offers more opacity and is just easier to work with than Raine Fever in my opinion. So if you’ve been wanting to try that shade and you live in Nigeria I would  highly recommend Purp from Yanga Beauty.

Bottomline: Purp is a pretty dark purple. For this price point, I like the formula and performance of this liquid lipstick. It is long wearing and transfer-proof. As with most liquid mattes, you can expect a certain level of dryness from Purp, but nothing unbearable. It’s just the nature of the matte liquid lipstick formula in general, especially the more budget-friendly ones. But you can wear a light layer of balm underneath it and it will feel less drying and more comfortable without altering the finish of the lipstick.

Another thing I love about it is that as far as I can tell from the ingredient list, it has no parabens! 💃💃💃 And I also love the packaging of the lipstick and the way the wand applies product; the tip is fine enough that you can line your lips before filling it in.

Price and where to buy:

N3000 from YangaBeauty

This product was given to me for free for review consideration, but all opinions are my own and are 100% honest, as usual. 

12 Replies to “Review: Yanga Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Purp”

  1. Purp is almost a spot on dupe for raine fever! I’m just petty enough to notice a difference lol but I bet on your lips you can barely even tell. and considering that coloured raine almost double the price, there’s no doubt which I’ll be getting. now if only I could get access to this here :/

        1. Lol! I do that sometimes too. Skim a passage without reading every single word. Anyway, Raine Fever is less drying and more comfortable than Purp. You definitely want to wear a balm under Purp to get that Coloured Raine level of comfort. But Purp applies more evenly and there aren’t any patches of uneven colour on my lips when I wear Purp which is what happens with Raine Fever. But I have very dry lips so it’s possible that other people might not feel that Purp is drying.

          1. Hahaha! So I’m not the only skimmer 😂😂😂 looks like the pros of raine fever outweigh the cons. Now I’m confused on which one to get 😩

          2. But anyway, liquid lipsticks like most makeup is subjective. For instance Kat von D makes my favourite formula and I detest the ColourPop Ultra Mattes, but I know people who hate the Kat von D formula and love the ColourPop Mattes, so it all depends on preference.

          3. Yeaaaa I see a lot of people complain about how drying Kat von D. I absolutely love ColourPop! None of the ones I have are drying at all. Yeah I see what you mean by subjective 😂😂

          4. If you think ColourPop is not drying then you’re definitely going to like these ones by Yanga because I actually prefer them to the ColourPop Ultra Mattes. I don’t know what people have against the Kat von D ones honestly. 😂 I adore them!

          5. Ooh I’ll probably like the Yanga mattes then. I’m yet to try Kat von D. Mostly cos it’s so dang expensive 😭😩 but I’m hoping to snag a few to try soon!

  2. of all the liquid matte lipsticks by Yangabeauty ‘Fave’ is what I want to try (I don’t even know why) I’m happy the formula seems good and the price point is definitely great 😀

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