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I’ve had the LA Girl Orange Corrector for a while now and I’ve gone from loving it to not being too crazy about it and finally I think I’ve figured out how to make it work for me.

Update: I decided to include a brief explanation on how colour correcting works. Colour correcting is the process of using correctors to neutralize skin discoloration. There are green, yellow, and peach/orange correctors.  I’m going to focus on peach/orange correctors because those are the ones that address my skin discoloration concern, which is basically hyper pigmentation around the mouth. Orange correctors help to cancel out darkness and warm up the skin. It is best for deeper, darker skin tones.

The skin around my mouth is slightly darker than the rest of my face, so if I apply foundation without colour correcting, and I wear certain shades of lipsticks, it looks ashy. Using an orange corrector on those areas helps to warm up and even out my skin tone so that my whole face has a uniform colour.

I cleanse my face, use my toner, apply my SPF moisturizer, then prime the areas I need to prime, and colour-correct the areas I need to.  I apply my corrector, then blend it out with my beauty blender, before applying my foundation.

So about the LA Girl Orange corrector specifically ; The coverage is good, but it is very pigmented and very rich so the corrected areas can look a little orange, which is not what I’m after. Colour correction is supposed to neutralize the discoloration in your skin and make it look even, not make your skin take on the colour of the corrector. So at first I was having trouble with it, especially on very hot days where the rest of my makeup would disappear and I would be left with a ring of orange around my mouth where I had colour corrected. Not cute!!!

Anyway I kind of left it for a while, then one day I decided to mix it with my concealer, and that did the trick. I had the great coverage and longevity of the corrector and I had toned down the excessive orange-ness of it with my yellow-based concealer. Pretty genius, no? 🙂

Really affordable
Great coverage
Long lasting

Too pigmented
The components separate if not shaken properly so sometimes a ton of water just comes out when you’re trying to get the product out

Bottom-line: This is an okay corrector. It is very pigmented so I would suggest using very small quantities. A little goes a long way. I’m about an NW45 and I think this is too deep for me, but I believe it would be just fine on darker skin tones.   I wouldn’t repurchase because I don’t like doing too much to make a product work for me. But if you’re new to colour correcting, this might be a good place to start because of the price point. Even if it doesn’t work out for you, you’re only out 3-5 dollars.

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  1. I feel this way too about this orange corrector. It’s too pigmented, oh and yes when I sweat it just sits and separates on my face, not cute.
    I feel the formular is too pigmented and somewhat dark but on good ol’ cool days, this corrector is fine.

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