Review: Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender.

IMAG1957_1I was so excited when Beauty Blender came out with this blotter. I have really oily skin, and I was excited to try a reusable blotter, hoping that the quality would be on par with the other Beauty Blender products I have tried and loved.

First of all can we talk about this name?! Am I the only one who is not a fan?

Anyway, according to Beauty Blender, this is:  A better way to blot! This game-changing washable, reusable alternative to blotting papers in iconic beautyblender® pink allows for precise, cushion blotting. Shaped to fit all contours of the face, blotterazzi™ saves you from unused corners like traditional blotting papers. The award-winning beautyblender ® material stays “thirsty” when its dry, absorbing excess oil without disturbing makeup and leaving skin looking radiant. The chic mirrored compact contains two blotting cushions for beauty touch ups on the go. A vented back and clear, hygienic separator ensures sponge freshness. Use dry. 

Packaging: the packaging is sleek! I was worried about the packaging being white, thinking that it would get dirty easily, but it is not a matte white. It has a glazed finish, that is easy to wipe clean and doesn’t stain.


It comes with two pink sponges which are very soft. It has a vented back, and comes with a plastic barrier that separates the two sponges, which I think I will use to separate the sponge from the mirror, so it doesn’t get grimy. I plan to carry only one sponge with me, and keep the other one at home, and alternate when one is dirty and the other is clean.

Dry blotterazzi versus wet blotterazzi
Okay down to business. I have mixed feelings about this blotter. I bought this because I tried blotting with my black beauty blender sponge and that did a good job.

This blotterazzi isn’t as absorbent as my black beauty blender, for whatever reason.


It does take off the worst of oil and it does leave a radiant finish, like Beauty Blender claims, I just wish it leaves a more matte finish instead of a radiant one.

I guess I should’ve read the description better 😂, but seriously why should a blotter leave a radiant finish? Anyway, it definitely does what it says,  and the matte finish can be achieved by powdering your face after blotting.

Bottom line

First Impression: It is an okay blotter. I honestly feel like blotting paper does a better job on my super oily skin. I love the packaging and the concept, but performance wise, I’m not that impressed, mostly because I feel like a 20 dollar blotter better be magical! Lol.  It is an average blotter, and it doesn’t do a better job than good old blotting paper.

Update 1: The blotterazzi has really grown on me(mostly because of the cute packaging, and the softness of the sponge). Also, since I incorporated a few new products into my beauty/skincare routine, my skin has been much less oily, and the blotterazzi has been doing a much better job, and I’m actually really enjoying it. I reach for it a lot more than I reach for my blotting papers these days.  The trick is to press and hold for a few seconds before moving on  to the next spot. Once you can get over the fact that you can buy a ton of blotting papers for what this costs, it is actually pretty nice. 

Update (December 2016): I’ve used this for a little over a year so I have comprehensive thoughts on it now.

First of all, I was right in my initial review, I recently found out that all the different beauty blender colours are made of different materials and they all perform differently.

Secondly, this pink blotterazzi stains so I wouldn’t recommend it. Foundation stains this sponge, and won’t come out no matter how I wash it. It’s still a great blotter but the stains make me feel like it’s permanently dirty, and for that reason, I won’t be repurchasing this.

Beauty Blender did release a black one, which I have much higher hopes for. Both because black won’t stain and because I actually like the black beauty blender for blotting. If I ever decide to repurchase this product, I’d go for the black one. I’m lowkey holding out for Real Techniques or another affordable brand to make a dupe for this product.

All in all, I think the concept is amazing and it is a great product for someone with oily skin to own, in theory, but I’m not thrilled with the price and the fact that this colour stains, and I wish it did a slightly better job of actually absorbing oil.

The blotterazzi is available from the beauty blender UK and US websites for 16GBP and 20 USD respectively.

Have you tried the Blotterazzi? Do you like it?

5 Replies to “Review: Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender.”

  1. does it need to replaced as often as the beauty blender? reviews of this have been mixed so I’m definitely not spending my coint (Tifj says this and it makes me laugh alwayss) on this

    1. Lmao I love how she says it. If you can get over the fact that this is a glorified 20 dollar blotting paper, it’s not a bad product, but I would recommend buying the black colour as this pink one gets stained which I don’t like. It haven’t felt the need to replace it yet, and it does come with 2 blotters, but I don’t use it everyday. If you have a blotting paper that works for you, I wouldn’t bother with this. I’m just waiting for Real Techniques to make their own more affordable version of it tbh. I don’t think I’d repurchase this at 20 dollars.

      1. Lol me too! I absolutely love her. Oh there’s a black one? I thought it only came in pink. I will definitely pass on this. I can’t justify spending 20 dollars on blotting paper no matter how hard I try

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