ORG Mineral Peel Body – First Impression

I first saw this product on Jackie Aina’s Snapchat. It is supposed to be some sort of exfoliating solution, and I was immediately intrigued because I’ve been using a retinol cream lately, which has the side effect of making my skin peel.


How to use: spray on your skin (avoid contact with eyes), leave for about three seconds, then rub. It comes off in little balls.

First impression: It seems like the solution is engineered to turn into solid balls when exposed to friction. I don’t believe the balls are actually all dead skin coming off. I think that’s just the solution itself. BUT, that being said, It actually did a really good job of exfoliating my skin. It removed the bits of dried skin from the peeling areas of my face, and left my face nice and soft and glowy. My toner tingled a bit more than usual, so I am guessing this definitely removed the top dead layer. I’m very happy with it so far.

Where to buy: Amazon, the ORG Website and TheDFStore

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