Ordering from Coloured Raine


If you are a lipstick junkie who has an Instagram account you have probably heard of the company called Coloured Raine. They have a great colour range of liquid to matte lipsticks.

I wanted to share my experience about ordering from their website because I am always wary of ordering online from companies that are just starting out so the information contained in this post is the sort of thing I’d have liked to know before ordering. 

I ordered two shades. Fame(pictured below) and Suede. I will do a full review and maybe lip swatches when I have worn it long enough.


I found their website to be straight forward and pretty easy to navigate. My first issue with them was that I couldn’t find a way to pay with my card without going through PayPal. There was a tab that said “pay using credit card” or something like that but whenever I’d click it and fill out the necessary information, I’d still end up back at the Paypal place. I contacted customer care and no one ever got back to me so I gave up and eventually placed my order via Paypal, which was probably for the best.

After that little glitch though, it was smooth sailing. I got my order confirmation and my shipment confirmation within 24 hours. I placed my order on the 4th of August, I got my shipping confirmation on the 5th of August. My order was shipped on the 8th of August. I paid a flat rate shipping of about 7 dollars to Canada. My items were delivered on the 12th of August, properly packaged and not damaged.

In conclusion I was mostly happy with the whole process.

Update: August 2016; Coloured Raine’s International Shipping is now a mess.

I ordered something in January 2016 and it was sent to Japan twice, on its way to Canada. I let it go because mistakes happen, right?

I ordered something else last month (July 2016) and it’s been two weeks since I got my “shipping confirmation” but USPS has not even received the item, talk less of delivering it to me.

On closer investigation as to the cause of this sudden decline in the quality and speed of their international shipping, I discovered they changed their international shipping option from International Priority Airmail which was cheaper (6.95 USD) and faster to APC USPS DDU ePacket which is more expensive(7.5 USD), and yet slower. Which makes zero sense.

Be prepared to wait 3 weeks to one month for your order to be delivered from the US to Canada these days.

Even worse, their customer service is so inept. And this is where my problem lies with them. I understand that mistakes happen and sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and that after shipping, the delivery times is out of the brands control, BUT

1. If a brands ships an item via USPS for instance, and USPS hasn’t  received the item, there’s nothing I, the reciever can do. It’s up to the brand/sender to follow up on the item they sent and find out what’s  happened.

2. I believe it is the responsibility of a company you’ve purchased an item from online, to ensure that your package gets to you. Their responsibility doesn’t end when they give the item to the shipping company. Or it shouldn’t, at any rate. And they should be available to answer any questions you have concerning delays. I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

I believe good customer service is essential to any online-only business.

Be prepared to wait for days for a reply or any sort of answer from Coloured Raine’s customer service. I had to resort to being that person who goes on a brand’s social media to complain before I finally got a half-assed reply to my email. This was after I sent numerous emails that went unanswered and unacknowledged for days, concerning my order whose whereabouts was unknown for 2 weeks.

It may seem like I’m being overly critical but let me tell you how a better brand handled a similar issue.

During Canada Post’s shenanigans – (there were a few weeks/months when they were threatening to go on a strike)- I placed an order with MakeUpGeek.  After a few days my order still hadn’t been processed, so I contacted customer care. THEY RESPONDED WITHIN 24 HOURS, and told me that they were holding my order because they didn’t  want to ship it, then have Canada Post go on strike and my items would be stuck in limbo indefinitely. They asked if I wanted to cancel my order or upgrade to a different shipping option. It took a little back and forth but we came to an agreement that suited us both. Again, when the package ran into a snag after shipping, MUG’s customer service was there with relevant  answers delivered politely and promptly. My package took a while to be delivered but I wasn’t worried because I was kept informed every step of the way and my concerns were addressed promptly and politely.

I love Coloured Raine’s products, but let’s face it, they are pretty dupeable, what with brands coming out with affordable and great quality liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows every other week. I’m very disappointed with their new shippping and in the future I will be ordering from other companies who actually get my item shipped to me on time and who bother to reply to my emails promptly. 

Bottomline: I’m just not sure it’s worth the hassle  if you’re ordering from outside the US. If you do place an order, please use PayPal so you can get your money back if you don’t get your items.

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    1. It depends. For just one lipstick it’s not worth it, but if you are ordering a whole bunch, delivery still costs the same, so it depends on how many you want. Sephora carries Kat von D which is my favourite brand of liquid lipsticks so I’d suggest that if you aren’t too keen on Coloured Raine. Also, I ordered from Coloured Raine again in January and my package took weeks to get to Toronto this time, which was rather annoying.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below! I read every single one and I try my best to reply as much as I can.