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I have ordered ColourPop Cosmetics products from/to Canada twice now, and both times I have gotten my products with no issues.

The first time delivery was sooo slow. I think it’s because they were running a promotion where they’d give a free Birthday Girl eye shadow with any purchase. 

I placed my first order on the 24th of May, 2015. It was shipped on the 1st of June, and delivery was first attempted on the 8th of June(no one was in so it was later delivered on the 10th of June). It took about 2 weeks from placing my first order to having it delivered in Canada. My total order came to about 62 dollars and I had to pay about an extra 15 dollars for shipping.

My second order was so much better. I could tell they had improved their processing and shipping department a lot.  I placed my order on the 22nd of July, 2015. About 30 minutes later I realized I made a mistake in the shipping address. I got in contact with customer care and they fixed it immediately. I was so impressed. I thought i’d have had to cancel and re-order but they did it all with no stress. My order was quickly shipped on the 24th of July and delivery was attempted on the 29th (again no one was in.), and it was delivered on the 30th. It took about one week from placing my second order to having it delivered.   My total order came to about 51 dollars and I had to pay an extra 13  dollars for shipping.


I love the thoughtful little notes that come with the package.

cute letter

I read somewhere that you might pay import duties if your total order value exceeds 100 USD  so I always try to keep my orders below that.

All in all I was very impressed with ColourPop. My goods got to me fast and without damage. If I absolutely had to choose something I wish they’d improve on, that would be the shipping charges. I understand that it’s expensive because it is tracked, but I wish they’d give us the option for the non-tracked international shipping to Canada. A lot of companies like Coloured Raine or Makeup Geek charge a flat rate of 7 dollars to ship to Canada. It’s not tracked but I am willing to take the risk. Because right now I want two of their liquid lipsticks and one more eye shadow and shipping that to Canada will cost me 10.48 USD, and I think that is a little too much to ship just 3 products. So yeah, I want cheaper shipping options to Canada.

Update: July 12 2016.

I placed two ColourPop orders, one on the 4th of July 2016 to claim a free lipgloss 😜 and another on the 6th when their black n brown brow pencil came back in stock.

Both orders were shipped on the 8th of July and delivered in Canada on the 12th of July. That brings total processing and shipping time to 8 days for my first order and 6 days for the second one. Not bad at all.

Both orders had 4-6 items each, and shipping was 10 dollars each time.

I’m especially happy that all the drama with Canada Post didn’t affect their shipping times.

I didn’t have to pay any extra duties or taxes.

I hope this helped if you were considering ordering from ColourPop from Canada.

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  1. Hey I just wanna ask, is there any contact number to contact/talk to colourpop customer service instead of email?Because i know emails will usually took days to be replied. Thanks!

    1. If ColourPop accepts your cancellation, your money should be returned to your account in a few days if you have already been charged. But most companies don’t charge you till your order has been dispatched from their warehouse, and at that point it’s too late to cancel.

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