Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone Hair Products – Review 

Olori Cosmetics

Today, I’m reviewing  a brand I’m very excited to share with you guys. I have so much I want to talk about so forgive me if I ramble  a bit. Today’s post is all about the Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone line of hair care products.

Olori Cosmetics is a Nigerian owned brand that creates homemade hair products that are organic and paraben-free. I’m always looking to exclude nasty ingredients from my cosmetics where possible, so I’m very excited to discover a Nigerian brand that is conscious about what they’re putting in cosmetics.

Today’s post is specifically about their “Damage Be Gone” line.

I recieved three products ; a conditioning shampoo, a deep conditioning treatment, and a hair growth whipped butter.

Lets start with the product I’m most excited about:

Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning & Restorative Hair Treatment Review

Olori Cosmetics Deep Conditioning treatment review

Brand claims:

This product deeply moisturizes to improve the texture of your hair, as well as restore its lustre and shine. Also great for easier manageability.
I was chatting with the lovely owner of this brand, and she said this conditioner was inspired by and based on a secret family recipe her mother used on her stubborn hair when she was younger, to make it more manageable. Don’t you just love a good origin story? I was even more interested in trying this product after hearing that because I have the most stubborn, impossible-to-comb 4C hair, so I was really hoping this would be my miracle product, and it is!

This has a whipped butter texture, and it smells practically edible. (But please don’t eat it). You can use it as a heat free deep conditioner , you can use it as a steaming treatment, or you can use it as an overnight hair mask. I used it as a regular heat free conditioner, and it left my hair so unbelievably soft and easy to comb. I didn’t get knotted ends like I usually do, and  I was just so pleasantly surprised by how my hair felt after. Most of the time when I deep condition my hair, it’s still as hard as before the treatment  and so painful to comb, but I just kept doing it because  I assume it’s good for my  hair in the long run.

This time, I didn’t have to assume anything. I saw instant and noticeable results. If you’re after a good deep conditioner, I highly recommend this. It works for all hair types, not just natural afro hair.

Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone Conditioning Shampoo  (with argan oil) – Review

Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone Conditioning Shampoo Review

This is another product I got really excited about from just reading  the description .

Brand claims:

Formulated for dry, damaged, undernourished, breakage -prone hair, our mild yet rich conditioning shampoo conditions and detangles as it gently cleanses without striping the hair of essential moisture, leaving the hair supple and manageable. This formula also contains a blend of :

  • Tea tree oil
  • Witch Hazel to soothe itchy scalp
  • Cucumber extract to help restore the look of healthy happy hair.

You can see why I was excited about the ingredients and the claims. If you have natural afro hair you know that washing your hair is a time-consuming process.
So if I can find a product that can take three stages (clean, condition, detangle) and compress it into one single  step, best believe that I will be all over it.

In the past, I’ve often felt like conditioning shampoos are -jack-of-two-trades-master-of-neither type products, because they neither clean my hair to my satisfaction nor condition it to my liking.

This product was a pleasant surprise because it actually cleaned and clarified my hair, removing all the buildup of products I’ve been using, and it left my hair soft enough that I didn’t feel the need to go in extra conditioner. It also helped to detangle my hair, and it smells really good. I love it.

Olori Cosmetics Happy Hair Review 

The last thing I got was a hair growth product called Happy Hair. It is a whipped butter that smells absolutely divine. I love the way all these products smell. I’m not sure what’s in it, but it has a hint of mint or tea tree oil. I want to try it for a while before speaking on its hair growing abilities, but let me just  say: it makes an excellent everyday hair moisturizer. It doesn’t cause build up in the hair or weigh the hair down because it has a  very light and airy texture. Even if it turns out to do nothing for my hair growth, I would still repurchase it as a hair butter.

I love everything I tried and I will be making them a permanent part of my hair care routine. A little bird told me there are more products in the works, and I can’t wait to see what they put out next.

These products are available for nationwide delivery.  They are also available for purchase in Johannesburg and New York. 

You can find out more about these products from Olori Cosmetics website, their Facebook Page, or their Instagram.

You can also call them on +2348171938657
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