Nova Makeup Removing Towels – Review

I recently received these makeup removing towels from Nova Ltd and I have tried them out and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.
Nova is a Nigerian-owned, UK-based brand that have their products available for sale in Nigeria.


Nova’s claims:

The Nova Makeup Removing Towel is the latest cosmetic remover tool.  One side of the Nova Makeup Removing Towel is a short and soft nap that takes off your makeup, including waterproof mascaras – then turn it over to the long nap side to exfoliate your skin. Although it may seem too good to be true, it really does remove all of your make-up and could save you a lot of money on products.  The Nova Makeup Removing Towel  is machine washable, which can last up to a thousand washes.  Most of all it does not include any chemical, just warm water, making it perfect for everyone, even those with very sensitive skin”

These are a duo of grey, felt, fluffy, palm-sized towels that remove your makeup when soaked in warm water.It comes with a little instruction booklet.

I’m  a huge fan of pre-cleansing.  I never just wash off my makeup with my face wash. I prefer to use a cleansing oil or cleansing wipes to initially remove my makeup before I properly clean my face with a foaming cleanser.

How to use:

This makeup removing towel works perfectly for pre-cleansing. Once soaked in warm water, it takes off foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. It takes off my MAC lipsticks and my Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lips too.
It is a little harder to take off my matte water proof liquid lipsticks with this towel, I find that I need to repeatedly dip the towel back in warm water and use considerable force to get all of the matte liquid lipstick off, but it does come off eventually.

I personally prefer to use a cleansing oil to take those off anyway, as I’m sure most people who own lots of waterproof liquid lipsticks do. That’s  the easiest way for me to take off matte waterproof liquid lipsticks.

This towel takes off everything else with no problems, and it leaves my skin feeling really clean, and not the least bit greasy or dry.  I don’t even feel like I need to follow up with a foaming cleanser, but I do anyway, out of habit.

I like that you can use the short nap side for makeup removal and the long nap side for very gentle exfoliation. I use the long nap side for gentle exfoliation on days when I don’t use my konjac sponge or face brush. It’s a great option for days when I don’t feel like doing too much exfoliation.

I think this does a good job of taking off most makeup. It is very soft and gentle on the skin, and it is easy to clean. Makeup doesn’t leave stains on it, and most importantly it is reusable. I like that it comes in a pack of two, so that when one is getting cleaned, you can use the other. The exfoliating side is not the most aggressive exfoliator I’ve ever used, but it’s  a nice alternative for days when I prefer gentle cleansing. It really excels as a makeup remover though.

I really like it for makeup removal and I’m going to add it to my little arsenal of pre-cleansing tools.

Where to buy:

Buying information for people outside Nigeria  (I believe they currently only ship within the UK and Nigeria)

Price: 12 dollars (but it is currently on sale for less than 10 dollars). It’s available on their website. Now, I have never purchased from them online so I can’t vouch for their customer service. With indie brands, I find that it is best to pay with PayPal, so that if you don’t get your products, you can at least get your money back.
For those buying from Nigeria, information on how to order, and other contact details are listed below.

Price: N2500 per box with the two towels inside.

Available on

For orders:


What’s app: 0803 947 2133

Direct message from Twitter: @info_Novafresh and Instagram: @nova_ltd

This item was sent to me for review consideration, but as always, all opinions are my own, and are completely honest. 

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