Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder Review and Swatches

maybelline brow drama shaping chalk powder review

Hey guys. Today’s post is going to be about the Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder. 

I’m not really a brow powder kind of girl. I stick to pencils because they’re easy to use. But Maybelline and Influenster sent me these to try out so I decided to give it a shot.

Here’s a video of me trying it on.

But why I look frightened in the thumbnail of this video?  😳😂 I just couldn’t seem to get any good photos the day I filmed this. Oh well.

Here’s what the product claims to do:

Brow Drama® Shaping Chalk™ Powder delivers boldly filled brows with soft edges for an impactful makeup look. Long-lasting, all-day wear.

Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder Review: 

Having tried this out over the past few days, here are my thoughts ;

Like I said in the video, it lasted all day, and I love the soft matte finish it gives to the brows. I also noticed that this is transfer-resistant. I lowkey expected the powder to be falling off my brows and getting all over the place during the course of the day lol. (Don’t judge me, I’ve never used a brow powder before) But this stays put once you brush it on and even when I touched my brows lightly it didn’t come off on my fingers.

I felt like it looked natural and not too harsh. My wig is much lighter than my natural hair colour so if my brows look kinda intense, it’s because of that.

I wouldn’t wear this on its own because I just feel like it is best paired with a pencil. It can definitely look a little ashy on deeper skin by itself.

I like that the applicator of this brow powder has a wider side for the fuller part of the brows and a thinner side for the tail of the brow.

Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder Swatches

Here’s what it looks like, swatched

maybelline brow drama shaping chalk powder swatch deep brown
Top: Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder In Deep Brown. Bottom: Brow Precise Micro Crayon in Deep Brown
Overall, I really like this. If you’re into brow powders this is definitely worth checking out.

It is available for purchase from the Maybelline website. Have you tried this or any other brow powders? Let me know what you think in the comments. And don’t forget to check out my other Maybelline reviews.

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