Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder Review & Swatches 

Makeup Revolution TerraCotta Powder Review

Makeup Revolution recently launched a darker shade of their best selling baking powder, this time in a shade called Terracotta.

Makeup Revolution TerraCotta Powder Review 

Product Information

Our deepest shade of our Baking Powders. Sets and mattifies makeup to last all day. Extends the wear of your makeup and prevents oil build up throughout the day. It also diffuses imperfections and keeps your base matte.
Can be used to set or bake make up. Apply heavily to your T-zone and under eyes after applying concealer and leave to sit for 5 minutes, then dust away for a flawless finish.
The mini sieve within the lid will prevent clumping and ensure easy application.
Ensure you shake the bottle before use.

This powder looks like a light brown shade with strong yellow-orange undertones, it is very finely milled and it leaves a nice matte finish, it looks very flattering on my medium-deep skintone. I love it for setting my undereye concealer.

Makeup Revolution Banana Powder vs Terracotta Powder – Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder Swatches


Makeup Revolution Banana Powder vs Terracotta Powder

While the Makeup Revolution banana powder is a pale yellow*,  the terracotta powder is a rich deep brown yellow.

* on my skintone. Products appear different on different people because of skintones and undertones.

Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder vs Laura Mercier Medium Deep Powder vs Maybelline Deep Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder


Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder vs Laura Mercier Medium Deep Powder vs Maybelline Deep Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder


Compared to the LauraMercier Medium Deep powder, the Makeup Revolution Terracotta powder is lighter, brighter, warmer and has more of a golden undertone as you can see in the swatches above, for that reason I prefer to use the terracotta powder to set my under eye concealer. When Laura Mercier launched the Medium Deep Powder I noticed a lot of people saying they wish there was a shadr between translucent and medium deep. Something that’s not super pale but not super deep either, and for me, the Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder is that perfect shade.

Here’s both powders in action!

I just added the Maybelline powder there in case anyone wanted to see how they compare. Maybelline actually makes eight different shades of their Fit Me Loose Powder.

Here’s what the Terracotta Powder looks like on the face. I swatched it quite heavily to get it to show up in photos, but obviously no one wears their makeup heavily swatched. When applied, it just melts into skin, leaving a matte golden finish.

I think the Makeup Revolution Terracotta Powder is great for deeper skintones, and I’d definitely recommend trying it out. It is available at Ulta if you live in the US, and on the Tam Beauty website if you’re in the UK. Tam Beauty ships worldwide.



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