MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows Review + Photos, Swatches on Dark Skin

Makeup geek eyeshadows review

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be a review and swatches of all my Makeup Geek shadows in one single post.

    Some of the photos in the previous posts from the old blog got broken in the move, and some of the old posts needed an update anyway, so I’m going to be revamping some of my old posts, but don’t worry, I also have tons of new stuff to review. I’ll mix it up so you’re not bored with content you’ve seen before.

    Types of MakeupGeek shadows 

    Makeup Geek makes two major types of eyeshadows, the foiled shadows, and the signature shadows.

    Foiled shadows have an intense metallic  effect and retail for $10. I own four of the foiled shades; Grandstand, Legend, Showtime, Mesmerized.

    Signature shadows retail for $6. There are three types: duochrome, shimmer, and matte.

    Matte shadows: I have 8 mattes shades. They are: Frappe, Cocoa Bear, Early Bird, Morocco, Americano, Mocha, Bitten, and Corrupt.

    Shimmer shadows and Duochrome shadows

    I have one shimmer and one duochrome shadow each.

    Drama Queen is a shimmer and Steampunk is a duochrome.

    Swatches + Individual Reviews


    Mesmerized (foiled) is a metallic taupe with purple undertones. For a cool shade, this looks stunning on deep skin.

    Drama Queen (shimmer) is a deep, shimmery blackened purple. I love this shade but the fallout is next level. This is my only MUG shadow with significant fallout.

    Americano (matte) is a deep dark brown that leans purple. This is the only MUG shadow I have that contains talc, and it swatches patchy when swatched with a finger, but applies beautifully with a brush.

    Showtime (foiled) is a metallic cranberry.

    Bitten  (matte) is a matte cranberry.

    Corrupt (matte) is a true black, it is mostly matte. It contains tiny silver shimmer in the pan, but once applied on the eyes, it purely a matte black. I find most black mattes tend to be weird or chalky or look grey on me, but this is very pigmented and applies beautifully.

    I already swatched Americano in the other set but I wanted to show it next to Mocha so you can see the purple undertones.

    Mocha (matte) is a cool dark brown.

    Cocoa Bear  (matte) is a warm medium brown that leans red/orange. This is my absolute favourite eyeshadow of all time! 😍😍😍 It is gorgeous! If you’re a brown girl, you need this shade.

    Frappe (matte) is a light brown with pink undertones, at least on me. It’s very similar to my skintone and makes a great shade to set my primer and just even out my eye lid. I also use this as a brow bone highlight as I don’t like shimmer or overly light colours in that area, because of the shape of my eyes.

    Steampunk (duochrome) is a gorgeous deep bronzey brown. On the site it is described as a copper with blue duochrome, but on me, I don’t see any copper, blue or duochrome effect. It’s just  straight up stunning metallic brown, which clearly, I love regardless of the missing duochrome effect.

    Legend (foiled) is a beautiful deep gold on me. Honestly the best gold I’ve ever seen. Not too pale, not too cool. Just right. This is another shade I would recommend for brown girls.

    Grandstand  (foiled) is a cool pink silvery shade on me. It’s my least favourite shade of the bunch. The quality is top notch and the shine is amazing, but I thought this would be a rose gold, and unfortunately it pulls off way too silver on my deep skin.

    Morocco (matte) is a deep burnt orange. Gorgeous!

    Early Bird  (matte) is a medium yellow-orange. Another one I absolutely adore!


    So the lovely team at MakeUpGeek recently sent me a truly amazing package, and there were quite a few shadows in there, so I swatched them  and I decided to add them to this post so that all the MakeupGeek shadows I own can be found in one post. I decided to swatch similar colours together for ease of comparison, but if there’s any shades you want me to compare that I didn’t, just let me know and I’ll either add them here or put them on Instagram.

    All shadows in the photo above are foiled shadows. From Left to Right, there is Epic, Houdini, Untamed, Legend, Flamethrower, Showtime, Curtain Call, Caitlin Rose and Center Stage. I feel like jewel tones are in right now, and these shades are all so gorgeous and so pigmented.

    Houdini is such a gorgeous mix of blue and green. It’s a perfect deep teal and I’m in love.

    Curtain Call is a true, vibrant red, and it is beyond gorgeous.

    Flame Thrower is a deep copper, and it looks amazing on deep skin.

    Center Stage is a deep blue that pops against deep skin.

    Epic is a gorgeous deep green.

    All these shades are gorgeous tbh.

    From here on out, the swatches in the photos are either matte, shimmer, duochrome, foiled shadows or a mix of all.

    Can we discuss Motown?! It is a deep, matte pigmented true dark purple. If you like purples, you need this shade in your life.

    Cabin Fever and Tan Lines are newer neutral mattes, and here’s how they compare to the shades I already own.

    Maitai (duochrome)
    is a gorgeous lavender with a gold shift, and it’s giving me serious unicorn vibes. I love it!

    Cosmopolitan (duochrome) is a gold with a pink shift. I’ve been looking for a shade like this, and I adore it. It reminds me a lot of the MakeupGeek  duochrome highlighter in the shade Ablaze, but Ablaze leans a little more gold.

    Roulette (shimmer) is a true, actual rose gold on me. This is what I thought Grandstand would look like on me. It’s beautiful.

    Goddess is an interesting shade. It’s a peachy brown with the faintest, barely detectable shimmer. It could almost pass for matte. I’m intrigued.

    General overview
    I love the quality of these shadows. MUG makes some of my favourite shadows. They’re all very pigmented, and they have minimal fallout, apart from Drama Queen, which has a considerable amount of fallout.

    All these are very beautiful  and pigmented. I didn’t notice any patchiness or fallout while swatching and testing the newer shades, but to be fair, I haven’t worn every single one on my eyes yet. If I run into any issues with any of them, I will update this post.

    MUG offers affordable worldwide shipping (even to Africa), their customer service team is amazing.
    I highly recommend the brand and their products.

    Where to buy: MakeupGeek website

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    1. I got 4 shades of MakeupGeek eyeshadows as a trial and I really like them. I had been meaning to get a few more, your post has inspired me. I won’t be getting Grandstand as I had originally planned but I’ll get Legend.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below! I read every single one and I try my best to reply as much as I can.