Makeup Geek Discount Code!!! 

Makeup Geek Discount Code

Hey guys! I’m so thrilled about today’s post.  I have a Makeup Geek discount code to share with you, my lovely readers! 

Makeup Geek recently launched a collection of neutral products cheekily named “In The Nude “. If you purchase anything from the brand new “In The Nude Collection”, and you use the code “BEAUTYFRENZY” you will receive 10% off your entire order.

The In The Nude Collection features a gorgeous palette of neutral shadows, and three brand new bronzers. There are also bundles that include lipsticks in addition to the shadows and bronzers.  In usual Makeup Geek style, there is a bundle for Fair, Medium amd Deep Skintones respectively.

Makeup Geek In The Nude Collection

You can find more information about this collection by clicking the Makeup Geek website link at the end of this post.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what else to buy from Makeup Geek, I love their eyeshadows and I swatched over 30 of them here. I also love their highlighters, contour and blushes. I also love their lip products.

Hopefully I will be able to do a tutorial using all my favourite Makeup Geek stuff soon. But life is crazy right now and will probably be so for a bit. I might not be able to put out as much content as I’d like for the next month or so. So anyway, that’s it.

If you do pick up anything, let me know.

Makeup Geek discount code

All products are available from the Makeup Geek Website. Don’t forget to use the code BEAUTYFRENZY for 10% off your entire order if the order includes bronzers or the In The Nude palette.


The discount code is an affiliate code.

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