Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit Review & Swatches – Kylie Lip Kit Dupe? 

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit Review and Swatches

Today, I’m reviewing a rather polarizing product. I’ve heard a lot about these lip kits by Makeup Revolution. People either love it or despise it. I decided to try some shades for myself. And just to address the elephant in the room, it’s supposed to be a Kylie Lip Kit Dupe.

Here’s what these lip kits claim to do.

A little bit of retro, a little bit of luxe! This addictive Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit includes everything you need to create a bold, long-wearing pout. It features a liner to contour and prime and a coordinating matte liquid lipstick that won’t dry out lips.

Kylie Lip Kit Dupe

The Lip Kit comes with a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick, both in matching shades. I really love the packaging of these. It feels very luxe. I love the wand, too. They get a gold star for packaging.

Makeup  Revolution Lip Kit Review 

I got the shades Magnificent  (deep teal) and Glory (deep brown).

Kylie True Brown K dupe

Now on to the actual lipsticks.

These lipsticks are quite thick, they have the consistency of a cream, and I think that’s why they take a little longer to dry down than regular lipsticks.

The formula of the shade Magnificent is perfect. It takes a little longer to dry down than other liquid lipsticks, but it does eventually dry down to a matte, transfer proof, comfortable finish that doesn’t suck all the moisture out of my lips. I have very dry lips, and I find most affordable matte liquid lipsticks to be fairly drying. So this was a pleasant surprise.

I found that the formulas were slightly different between the shades.

The shade Glory also dried down to a matte finish, mostly, but it felt tacky at the corners of my lips.  It was mostly transfer proof, and it was just as comfortable as Magnificent. I dusted translucent powder over it to help get rid of the tackiness .

The tackiness/stickiness was what a lot of people were complaining about in the reviews, but it was absent in Magnificent and negligible in Glory. I think the formula is inconsistent between shades, and it’s possible other shades are much tackier than Glory.  I can only speak for these shades.

Kylie Lip Kit Dupe?

I haven’t tried the Kylie Lip Kits, so I can’t say that they are dupes, as far as formula goes. I can only say that they’re dupes in terms of the whole matching lipliner plus lipstick thing. They were made to be an affordable alternative to the Kylie Lip Kits, because that’s Makeup Revolution’s whole thing. They have dupes for every thing from Urban Decay palettes to Laura Mercier highlighters.

Final Thoughts.

These are the least drying matte liquid lipsticks under $10 that I’ve tried so far  and I can deal with a little tackiness for that.  I think liquid lipsticks are one of those very subjective things. There are lipsticks I swear by that other people absolutely despise, so I’d just suggest trying out one shade for yourself and seeing how you like it.

Update : The owner of Makeup Revolution says he’s working on the tackiness issue, so I expect that the next batch will be problem free. I can’t wait to try the new formula and the new shades. In the meantime , I plan to try their gloss kits next.

Kylie Lip Kit Dupe

Revolution Lip Kits are available in the UK from Superdrug 

It is also available on the Tam Beauty Website, and they offer worldwide shipping.

Limited quantities of the shade Glory are available in Nigeria here.
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