Wig Review – ISIS Brown Sugar BS212


Isis Brown Sugar BS212 Review

Guys, I’ve been on a wig kick of late, it is uber-convenient, you can easily change your look or try out a new look without too much commitment, and best of all, you get to take it off whenever you want to.


I forgot how much I love @katvondbeauty Bauhau5

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It also makes it easier to care for your own natural hair.

Anyway, This is going to be a quick first impression for the Isis Brown sugar BS212 wig.

I love it. It’s supposed to be a human hair blend type of thing so even though it is quite affordable, it still looks semi-decent.


The curls are so nice and bouncy and it doesn’t have that excessive shiny-ness synthetic hair tends to have. It does not shed a lot and it hasn’t tangled yet. To be fair, I’ve only had this for a few weeks.  It has combs and straps and all that good stuff, so you can secure it properly to your head and not be afraid of it falling off when a strong wind blows or someone over-enthusiastically strokes your hair. (This was my major fear about wearing wigs)

It needs some tweezing and a little powder/foundation to make the parting look decent, but all in all, I am very satisfied with it for the price.

Price: varies from 30 to 70 dollars on various wig sites. For my readers in Nigeria, it is probably available from The DF Store.

I’m very happy with the Isis brown sugar human hair blend line of hair and I’m already looking forward to trying more styles from them.

Update: I’ve had it for over a year now, and it still looks amazing. Granted, I’ve worn it maybe 50 times in total, but I still think it is amazing for the price.

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