Gorilla Snot Gel Review

I’ve been hearing about the Gorilla Snot Gel for a while now, but the whole snot-themed branding really put me off.

However, I have been struggling with finding something to keep my 4C edges laid all day, so when Dimma of Dimma Umeh said this worked out for her, I decided to get over my disgust of the aesthetics and give it a shot.

Gorilla Snot Gel Review for afro hair

Even though I went natural  (which means I stopped chemically straightening my hair) about 3 years ago, I still wear extensions because I am a very lazy naturalista and I was “blessed” with the most impossible-to-manage 4C hair.

I wear extensions quite a lot, because I just cannot be bothered to deal with my hair half the time, and I need to keep my edges sleek because there’s nothing more awkward than that glaring difference in hair textures that happens when you don’t properly blend your hair with your extensions.

I need a gel that will keep my wild edges slicked down all day long even in the humidity of Lagos.

Moco De Gorilla / Gorilla Snot Gel Review.

The Gorilla Snot Gel is a hair gel that literally has the consistency of snot, as can be seen in the photo above. It has decent holding power, more than anything else I have tried. It has a nice smell. It does okay with humidity but I will still be looking for something that has a little more hold for longer.

I like that it doesn’t leave flakes or residue in my hair. I also like that it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy.

Can Moco De Gorilla Snot Gel be Used To Style Afro Hair?

Like I said I’m  a lazy naturalista so I rarely do  bantu knots and finger curls and all that, but my sister used this for finger curls on her 4b hair and it held up pretty good, so if you’re a naturalista and you’re wondering if you can use this like the eco styler gel for afro hair styles, you can. And there’s also quite a bit of product in the tube. You get 11.9 oz of product which works out to about 350 ml, so this should last a while.

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