Wig Review – Freetress Corin in Blue/Silver 

Freetress Corin Review Blue Silver

I’ve been getting soooo many compliments on my hair! 😊😁😄 You guys know how to flatter a girl! 😂

I’ve also been getting a few questions so I wanted to share the deets on this wig. This is the Freetress Corin wig in the colour Blue Silver. 

Here’s what it looks like from all angles

Freetress Corin Blue Silver

Freetress Corin Review Blue Silver

This is a premium synthetic lacefront wig.

I had to cute the lace and apply concealer to the parting to make it look more natural. It didn’t need any extra tweezing of the parting. The parting looks nice and realistic.

If it looks weird it is likely my fault as I am not quite as adept at “wig-slaying” as I’d like to be. I’m still a learner in that area.

It is really soft and it didn’t shed a lot. In my experience Freetress hair is not the best quality, and it tends to quickly start looking really shiny and obviously synthetic within a few months.

I already know that going on, and I rotate between a bunch of wigs and generally get rid of my synthetic wigs within one year of purchase, so I’m okay with that.

This one seems to be holding up really well so far. Maybe it is because of this particular colour, but it looks really good.

The hair has great movement and bounce.

I love that the blue-ish silver is not too harsh or too icy for dark skin. I’ve been wanting silver hair for a good long while now but I always chickened out because I was worried it would make me look crazy lol! But this has very much been my year of “who gone check me?” 😏


All in all, I really love this wig. I think it is great for the price.

If you live in Nigeria, You can preorder it from my preorder store. Find details on preorders here.

If you live outside Nigeria you can order it here.

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