Four Ways To Fight Aging Inside and Out – Guest Post by Mia Taylor. 

​We all know that one lady in the neighbourhood that doesn’t seem to have aged a day in the past decade or so. Youth has always been synonymous with beauty. It’s no wonder we keep looking for ways to preserve our youthful radiance and glow.

And with so many skincare choices at chemist’s and pharmacies and in the healthy food section, it’s often hard to narrow down the options that will make a difference and help you keep your youthful allure. Let’s go through some of the key steps in nurturing your youthful appearance.

Hydration and Nutrition

The saying “You are what you eat” should be the core of your beauty regimen. And although we all have different needs, a good rule of thumb is to base your daily diet on nutrient-dense foods that will provide you with plenty of healthy carbs, fats and proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals that’ll give your skin a beautiful glow and help it fight pollution or dullness. Include plenty of veggies and fruits in your meals, along with moderate amounts of dairy and protein.

It’s also crucial to drink plenty of water, since dehydration is one of the key culprits for dry, irritated and unhealthy-looking skin. Your daily needs will depend on your body, fitness and overall health. Keep track of your drinking habits, as that may be one of the greatest contributors to a healthy complexion as you age.

Sun Protection

Even though there are various health benefits from spending time in the sunshine, such as vitamin D production and the regulation of your circadian rhythm, your skin needs extra protection to avoid potential issues such as sunburn and irritation.

It’s important to find the right type of sunscreen that will nourish your skin and protect it from harmful radiation. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses to help you ward off those pesky crow feet in the corner of your eyes.

Reliable Cosmetics

Having a healthy beauty routine for your skin is essential to keeping it looking youthful as you age. Use lukewarm water and gentle cleansing products along with an occasional exfoliator, and make sure your go-to skincare products are medically certified. Products with a reliable, healthy formula, like the ones created by famous dr Lewinn are bound to preserve the best attributes of your skin, including itsyouthful glow.

Keep your skincare simple and as natural as possible, and avoid nasty chemicals and toxins. Stick to products that contain vitamins and other ingredients your skin can benefit from.

Healthy Habits

If the foundation of your lifestyle is healthy, then your skin will be eternally grateful, rewarding you with a gorgeous complexion. Life is full of temptations, and your skin will reflect your poor choices, such as smoking, staying up too late, drinking or an affinity for foods with plenty of processed sugars.

For best and long-lasting results, you will need to make a change in your life and ditch those unhealthy habits. It will take time for your body to detox and cleanse itself from toxins, but once you experience the changes in your health, you will never want to go back!

Although your genetics will always affect your skin’s health, there’s so much you can do to ensure healthy-looking skin. By following these guidelines to a healthier lifestyle, you will notice positive changes quickly and you’ll be able to enjoy the well-earned youthful radiance for years to come

About the Guest Blogger

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.

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