False Lashes: Tips for Easier Application

Hey guys! I’ve missed posting here soooo freaking much! It’s great to be back. ūü§ó ¬†Today’s post is all about false lashes!

If you follow me on Instagram  (@beautyfrenzyblog) then you know I have been attempting to learn how to apply falsies, and the struggle has been all too real!

Anyway, I thought to share some tips and tricks to make eyelash application easier for beginners like myself who have no idea where to start.

1. Start with lashes with a thin band. 

False lashes with thinner  bands are easier to maneuver than thicker bands. Once you get the hang of the thinner band, you can now move on to the thicker bands.

2. Draw a thick line.

You want your liner to be thick rather than ¬†thin. If you’re having trouble getting the false lashes close to your lashline, ¬†thick liner will camouflage that gap between your actual lash line and the falsies. If you’re liner is thin and your lashes aren’t quite at your lashline, when you close your eyes, it will be glaringly obvious.

3. Use transparent glue

That way when you inevitably get glue all over your eye lid, it won’t be obvious to anyone else. Also, speaking of glue, I find the ones with a wand/brush more convenient than the ones in a tube.

4. Use an applicator of some sort

First time I did this in 2014/2015, I used my fingers to apply the lashes and it was a clumsy mess. This time I used tweezers and it was so much easier. I plan to get one of those silicone falsies applicators, because I’m a little wary of pinching my eyes with the metallic tweezers. Point is: an applicator makes things easier. After you get it on, you can now press down with your fingers if you wish.

5. Go over the band with a liner

After applying the falsies, it’s best to go over the band with a liner, to make everything look seamless. This is especially important if you didn’t apply the falsies very close to your natural lash line. Applying liner both before and after applying the lashes will hide any gaps.

Oh, and I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who recommended a lash glue for me to try. I will be working through the list while I try to figure out what works, so expect a lash glue round up post sometime in the future.

So those are my tips for making lash application a little bit easier.  Have a tip to add? Share it in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by! 
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