Best Affordable Foundation Buffing Brush – Elf Ultimate Blending Brush Review

Guys, I think I just discovered the best affordable foundation brush, and it’s from Elf, of all brands!

I never  really paid atrention to Elf products  in the past, but they  caught my attention with the   Jackie Aina collaboration, and they’ve held it since then with some really great releases and some surprisingly good products.

Elf Ultimate Blending Brush 

Today, I will be reviewing their “Ultimate Blending Brush”. The name really says it all. This brush is a dream to use. It blends out foundation quickly and easily, leaving a streak-free, flawless finish.

I love the size of this brush, it is slightly bigger than the Real Techniques Buffing brush, so it covers a larger surface area of the face, and applying foundation takes less time.

The bristles are perfect.  Soft, not too big, not too small, not too dense, but not too sparse, not scratchy, and easy to clean.

It works well with thick foundations, thinner ones like CC creams, and even stick foundations.

I also like the all black packaging. It kinda reminds me of the Marc Jacobs brushes. I know it is almost sacrilegious to compare Elf to Marc Jacobs 😂. But that’s how I feel, okay? 😔

The point is, it doesn’t look cheap or feel flimsy.

Real Techniques Buffing brush vs Elf Cosmetics Ultimate Blending brush

Would I recommend this?

Absolutely! I’m so impressed with how quickly this brush applies foundation.  I also love the seamless, streak-free finish it gives. It’s just as good as my more expensive brushes, and you really can’t beat the $6 price tag.  This is my current favourite foundation brush. It really is the Ultimate Blending Brush!

You can buy it by clicking the image below:

Don’t forget to use the code of the day to get freebies when you shop on the e.l.f. cosmetics website.

They’re always giving out free stuff, but you need to make sure to input the correct code on the checkout page .

For my Nigerian readers, you can buy it from Konga

PS: Elf now offers worldwide shipping, and it is free on purchases over $50.

Have you tried this brush? What is your favourite foundation brush?

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7 Replies to “Best Affordable Foundation Buffing Brush – Elf Ultimate Blending Brush Review”

  1. It DOES look a lot like the face 2 brush! Do the prices still change on the website when you change your location to Africa? Because free international shipping is definitely something I’d like to take advantage of!

  2. This is my go-to foundation brush. It gets the job done so well that I immediately bought a back-up and abandoned my other foundation brushes. By the way, this post isn’t showing on the homepage.

    1. It is such an amazing brush. I think I’ll get a backup as well.

      I’ve checked all relevant settings and I can’t figure out why that is happening. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

        1. Yay! It sometimes happens with new or updated websites, and clearing the cache usually helps. I’m glad it’s working now! 😊 Thanks for letting me know.

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