Elf Cosmetics Mad For Matte 3 Holy Smokes Palette Review and Swatches 

Elf Holy Smokes Palette Review

Elf Cosmetics recently launched a third palette in their Mad For Matte series, and this one is appropriately named Holy Smokes because it is very smoky.

I love the colour scheme of this palette so much! This is what I wanted Urban Decay’s Naked Smoke palette to be.

Elf Holy Smokes Palette Review – Product Information

The wait is over- Holy Smokes is here! The color extension of our best-selling Mad for Matte Eyesahdow Collection in smokey, Fall hues has arrived! Achieve a bold or subtle look with these perfectly curated 10 matte eyeshadow shades. This collection of hues is ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes. The satin matte shadows can be used as a liner, on the lid, and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and blended look.


Elf Holy Smokes Palette Swatches 

Elf Holy Smokes Palette Swatches

Do you see that navy blue? Finally the makeup gawds have granted my requests!

That teal is giving me ABH Subculture vibes too.

I love that you can actually do a basic neutral look with this palette too. Look at all the browns! I love that they threw in a warm shade too because with my skintone and undertones I always need a warm brown to round up pretty much any eye look I create.

The only shade I probably won’t get much use out of is the second from the top. That light gray is a no-no on my skintone, but there’s always that one shade in a palette that just sits there untouched, and the other 9 amazing shades more than makes up for that!

Elf Holy Smokes Palette Review 

This palette comes with 10 shades and a mirror and costs all of $10.

The shades are very pigmented and easy to blend.

I don’t know what they mean by “satin matte shadows” in the product description  because there is no shine at all to these shadows. They’re all matte.

I really like this palette as you can probably tell. I think it is amazing for the price. I love the shades, I think it is very dark-skin friendly, and I think it pairs amazingly with the Wet n Wild Liquid Metallic Shadows 

If you’re looking for a nice smoky eyeshadow palette, this is a good one to consider. It’s such a refreshing island in the sea of all the warm neutral palettes we’ve been seeing lately.

These are available to buy from the Elf Website, and they ship worldwide.


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