Elf Colour Correcting Stick Review

Elf Color Correcting Stick Review Swatch / Elf Orange Color Correcting Stick For Dark Skin Review Swatch

Hey guys, in this post I will be reviewing the Elf Color Correcting Stick in the dark orange shade for deep skintones. I have been on the hunt for a good affordable orange colour corrector for dark skin, and here’s how this worked out.

This comes in a convenient chubby pencil design. It twists up so it doesn’t have to be sharpened. The cap closes firmly so I don’t have to worry about the product getting all over the place. I think Elf did great with the packaging.

Like the name implies, this is basically a stick concealer and I was worried it might be difficult to blend but I didn’t have any problems blending it out. However, I always moisturize before going in with any makeup.

Elf Orange Colour Correcting Stick Swatch on dark skin

This shade really works on my NW45 ish skintone. I didn’t really like the LA Girl Orange corrector because it was a little too pigmented and too intense for me and it can start to look a little crazy as the day goes on.

The Elf corrector actually just cancels out darkness and doesn’t leave your skin looking overly orange. Concealer/foundation applies great over it and is able to cover it completely so the corrected area just looks like the rest of your face.

With the LA Girl Orange corrector I felt like my skin looked orange instead of corrected, and as the day goes on, it would separate or my foundation would fade and I would be left with a ring of orange around my eyes and mouth, like some sort of alien panda.  I didn’t have this problem with the Elf corrector. It merged with my concealer and foundation properly and never looked crazy as the day went on.

This is not as pigmented as the LA Girl corrector. I’d say the Elf Colour Correcting Stick  has medium coverage. I’m okay with that because my dark spots/circles are kinda moderate. By the time I add foundation and concealer I get the coverage I want.

Elf Color Correcting Stick Review 

There are four shades for different skin tones and concerns. In this post I reviewed the darker orange shade which is technically named “correct dark circles (deep skin tones)”
So just to recap, the Elf Color Correcting Stick in this shade is a dark warm orange-peach shade with medium coverage. It looks great on dark skintones and doesn’t look ashy. It blends easily and looks natural under complexion products. It doesn’t seperate or look crazy as the day goes on, and it is quite affordable. Also, the packaging is really convenient.

Swatches of Orange Colour Correctors for Dark Skin

Here’s how it compares to other popular orange correctors.

LA Girl Orange corrector vs Elf Orange Colour Correcting Stick vs Mac Peach Lustre Swatches on dark skin / orange correctors for dark skin swatch
Top to bottom: Mac Peach Lustre, Elf Orange Colour Correcting Stick, LA Girl Orange corrector

This is available for purchase from the Elf cosmetics website (Elf ships worldwide)

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3 Replies to “Elf Colour Correcting Stick Review”

  1. Now I know Elf has an orange corrector.

    The L.A. Girl orange corrector is quite tricky to work with. I apply it on dark spots and areas, give it some time to dry a bit and then tap blend with my fingers. This is the way I find it stays put and actually corrects other than turning everywhere orange. I still follow up with a same skin tone concealer on the corrected areas before foundation.

  2. I didn’t like the LA Girl corrector for the same reasons. And also because I found that no matter how much I blended there would still be some orange peeking through my foundation and I really hated that. Looks like I’ll have to check this out (although I barely correct because I much prefer fuller coverage foundations to cover up the darkness and unevenness I have)

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