Deciem Founder Racist? – What Is Going On?

Deciem founder racist

There has been a lot of controversy around Deciem, a brand that I have been very vocal about here, and I wanted to share my two cents on the situation, given the information I have now.

I shared my thoughts in the video below.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post on my Instagram. It was a post by Deciem saying someone had accused them of being just a marketing team selling people things they don’t need.

The post was by the founder, Brandon Truaxe. He went on to say he was taking over the Deciem Instagram page. I thought hmm… “This could be refreshing or this could go very wrong “.

Over the next few weeks, he went on to over share about his personal life and his finances through a serious of vaguely cringeworthy posts.

I’m going to be honest, it was weird for me to see this much unnecessary details about the founder of a brand I love, on the brand’s social media page. I felt he could’ve put it on his own personal page or kept such details off the internet entirely.

Still, it wasn’t a big deal to me, you know? I wasn’t angry or anything about it. Just vaguely embarrassed, like I would be for a friend who was walking around with lipstick on their teeth but didn’t know. It is not ideal but it is not the end of the world either.

But the internet being what it is, people got real mad real quick, and started sending angry messages to Brandon. This is where things get dicey. As most bloggers will tell you, people can be quite rude online. There’s something about the anonymity of the online world that brings out the worst in people. It would seem that Mr Truaxe reached his limit and started leaving sassy replies to comments he perceived as rude.

In one of such comments, he asked someone to purchase Modulating Glucosides when it launches. An online publication took that one reply and ran with it, saying he asked a black girl to bleach her skin. I don’t even know for sure the race of the girl in question, because it would appear that she has deleted her Instagram, but I just wanted to point out that Modulating Glucosides is NOT a skin bleaching agent.

You can watch this video from 11:30 to see Brandon talking about the MG from a month ago.

I know social media can be very reactive and already, I saw people yesterday threatening to boycott Deciem for racism. I think it is important to do your own research before making the decision to boycott a brand because sometimes the information out there is twisted for maximum dramatic impact, and may not always necessarily be true.

So based on what I know so far, Brandon Truaxe did NOT in fact, ask or imply that a black girl bleach her skin.

That being said, I do believe he needs to hire a professional social media team, and share a little less about his personal life on the company account. At the end of the day, your customers are not your friends. He has since opened a personal page so here’s hoping that the company page goes back to being professional.

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