Current Favourite Setting Powders – Guest Post

Hey guys! As I’m sure you’ve already guessed from the title, today’s post is a guest post. The lovely Eb of CoverallsAndLipstick is sharing her favourite setting powders.

Here is her post:

Hey guys. Today, I’m sharing with you my current favourite setting powders. I will be sharing what I’ve been loving for setting both my foundation and concealer.

I have oily skin, so wearing powder is not an option for me. At all. The powder I use depends on the foundation (or concealer, if I’m wearing any) I’m using that day and the effect I’m trying to create.

1) L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 16-HR Powder

Phew, that’s a mouthful. I started using this powder in 2015 and I have not looked back since. I use it alone and to set my foundation. It has medium to full coverage so I use a large fluffy brush when setting a full-coverage foundation ( we don’t want cake-face) . If I’m wearing a lighter coverage foundation, I’ll use a denser, flat top powder brush, like the Elf Studio Powder Brush and stipple into the skin. It adds coverage and blends in nicely. I use the shade 700 Classic Tan.

2) RCMA No Color Powder

I mean, you knew this was coming right? LOL. I love this powder and I use it for everything. It’s great for setting both concealer and foundation if you’re not trying to add coverage or alter the colour of what’s underneath it. I have a detailed review on it here.

3) Sacha Buttercup Powder

Yup, I’m Team Sacha on this one. I had the Ben Nye Banana Powder but I gave it to a friend of mine because I didn’t like the way it made me look. I felt it was wayyyy too stark for me. I held off buying the Sacha Buttercup for a long time, but finally gave in last year (yup, I’m tardy to the party) and I’m so glad I did. It’s very silky to the touch, feels much smoother than the Ben Nye Banana Powder.

The colour is also a better match for me, but it’s not perfect. I personally don’t like a stark under eye highlight. I’m more of a subtle girl, so I mix this with the Ben Nye Topaz powder which has a beautiful warm golden undertone (perfect for my dark chocolate sisters). When I mix these two, it gives me a warm caramel look that I really like and I don’t get flashback with flash photos.

4) Ben Nye Topaz Powder

As I mentioned above, I like to mix this with my Sacha Buttercup powder to get the perfect mix for my skin tone, when setting my under eye concealer, In addition, I also use it to set all over my face sometimes, because it’s also a translucent powder, it doesn’t alter the colour of my foundation much, unless I use a heavy hand. If I do find that if I’ve used too much and I feel the cake on my face, a few spritzes of my setting spray is all I need  and all will be well with the world again, lol.

5) Laura Mercier Transcluscent Setting Powder

Yes, this too is one of my faves. I use this under my eyes to set my under eye concealer. Most of the time I use it alone, but I do also mix it with the Sacha Buttercup, depending on my mood. This powder really lives up to the hype. It goes on buttery smooth, it blurs the fine lines under my eyes which make my concealer crease and just makes that area nice and smooth. Plus, it does not cause flashback in flash photography, I really recommend this one. I’m also dying to try the new  medium deep shade that came out recently.

6) MAC StudioFix Foundation+ Powder

When all else fails, I always come back to my old reliable. Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with this powder. I like how it applies, it’s really smooth and it gives me extra coverage when I’m wearing a lighter coverage foundation.  I use different colours in this, because my skintone is just wierd. To set my foundation, I use NC 50. Sometimes I mix NC 50 with N9 which is warmer and a touch darker. I use NC 55 to colour adjust as well. I also use them alone if I’m only wearing concealer (rarely because my skin is slowly recovering from acne scarring) or I use them wet. Yes, wet. MAC Studio fix powder is actually foundation and powder, so they can be used wet or dry. I have a variety of ways of using it wet. I either spray my face with a hydrating facial spray (as my moisturizer) and then buff the powder into the skin using the Elf flat top powder brush. Or, I use a damp beauty blender and press into the skin (I also use this technique when I’m setting foundation, it gives more product and locks in the foundation better). I also use it under my eyes, yup. Because it glides on so smoothly, I lightly go over my under eyes after I’m done with my makeup. Just to mesh it all together.

Now here’s what you have to keep in mind with this powder:

a) It oxidises.

b) Flash photography is not your friend with this because it contains Titanium Dioxide so you will get flashback.

c) It can get really oily so ensure to prep your skin well and use on top of an oil free foundation.

See why I said it’s a love/hate relationship? It’s still my old reliable and I definitely recommend it.

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