Current Concealer Collection: Hit or Miss?


I’m  going to start a new series where I talk about my collection  of a particular type product or a particular brand and tell you which products I think are worth purchasing and which products aren’t such great value for money, or are just not good. It’s going to be called the “RoundUp” series. Some of the posts will be in a “hit or miss” style, and some will not. I will figure it out as I along.

So I’m going to start off with my concealer collection. I have five concealers at the moment. I’ve already talked about most of these several times on the blog, so this will be more of a comparison post instead of a proper review post.

1. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer($29, 6ml):

20161005_160358.jpgOn me, this is creamy, long lasting, and does not crease or settle into my fine lines no matter how hot or humid  the weather gets.  I can apply it to my bare skin without it tugging. I can set it with my face powder instead of a translucent powder when I’m in a hurry, and it still performs excellently. It’s  pretty much perfect. Nars has expanded the shade range of this product too, so if you were in between shades before, you’re now more likely to find a shade that suits you.

Hit or Miss : Definitely a hit! This is my ride or die concealer, something I can put on and just get on with my day, knowing I don’t have to touch up and that it will  stay flawless.

2. Kat von D Lock It Concealer Creme($26, 6.25g):

20161005_160338.jpgThis is one a recent addition to my concealer collection. On the one hand, it has amazing coverage and staying power plus the undertones are perfect, and it blends beautifully. On the other hand, it takes a bit of work to make it work. I can’t just slap it on and go, like I would the Nars concealer or the NYX concealer. I need to moisturize my under eye area before applying this, and “bake” with translucent powder to set it properly, but over all, I really like it. It is my full-glam concealer. It has the fullest coverage out of all the concealers I own. PS: I think drier skin types might have a problem with this concealer though. Full review here.

Hit or Miss : Hit. It is beautiful and stays put all day. It blends really well and offers full coverage without looking cakey or feeling heavy.

3. LA Girl Pro Conceal($5, 8g):

20161005_160316.jpgThis is probably the most popular concealer out there. With this, you’re getting a lot of product for very little money. But I don’t like it for under eye concealing. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I honestly don’t get the hype. I don’t like how it looks or feels on me at all.  It never really quite blends into my skin, and I always feel like there’s something on my face. It’s my least favourite concealer.

Hit or Miss?: This is a miss for me. I won’t be repurchasing. But products are personal and subjective. It’s  affordable enough that you can try it out for yourself and see if it works for you, but it just didn’t work out for me.

4.  Black Up Radiance Concealer($29.5, 1.5g):


I love this concealer. It performs excellently and it even has colour correcting  abilities. It has some radiance to it and it really brightens up the under eye. It is lightweight and offers medium buildable coverage. I love that it comes in a click up pen packaging because of hygiene reasons, and also because this type of packaging ensures that you use up all the product. However, it costs 29.5 dollars for 1.5ml. For comparison,the Nars RCC costs 29 dollars for 6ml. I just don’t think that it is good value for money, even for a high end product. I used to go through this so fast till I discovered the Nars RCC.

Hit or Miss: Miss! This is actually the smallest concealer I’ve seen, in terms of volume. Black Up really needs to rethink the quantity of product they are offering in this concealer. There are other concealers on the market with better value for money at the same price point and same quality. In fact, this is basically a dupe for the NARS RCC. They have similar texture, consistency, performance and longevity, and the Nars one is much better value for money. I used to buy 2-3 Black Up Concealers a year, but I only need one Nars Concealer  a year.

5. NYX Photogenic HD concealer.($5, 3g):

20161005_160253.jpgI love this concealer.  It is a light weight, medium (buildable) coverage  liquid concealer with a natural matte finish. If you’re looking for a good affordable concealer, I’d recommend this over the LA Girl one. It’s  easy to blend and it  just looks and feels better on the skin than the LA Girl one. There are now 23 shades available, including 3 correctors, which is very impressive for a drugstore concealer, so I think a lot of people will find a shade that works for them. Full review here

Hit or Miss: Hit! For the quality and performance, it’s a steal at 5 dollars. It performs very similarly to Nars RCC, even though they have different formulas and finishes. It is one of my favourite concealers, from both the high end and drugstore categories.

In conclusion, the Nars RCC and the NYX HD Wand are my favourites, followed by the Kat von D Concealer Creme. The BlackUp Radiance Concealer is good quality, but poor value for money. The LA Girl is my least favourite of the bunch. All these concealers have a wide range of shades for darker skin, so if you are a WOC and you’re looking to try a good concealer, check out these brands, especially Nars or NYX.

Here are swatches of the shades I own


What concealers do you love or hate?

PS: Nars RCC means Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

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  1. I find I have a love/hate relationship with the LA girl concealer some days it just makes my undereye area look so dry! I really want to try the NYX concealer and maybe the NARS…. I initially thought the NARS was just ‘hype’ but maybe not lol

        1. 😀 Thank you. I use the Nikon D3200 half of the time. The other half, I use the Samsung S6. It has a selective focus feature that’s pretty cool. I use the Samsung photo editing app for editing, and another app called “Pixlr” for any serious blurring or adding text or any other advanced editing. I also use another app called “Phonto” for labelling swatches.

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