Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray Review

Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray Review

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing a pretty amazing product: a setting spray with clay in it! The CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray is ultra brand new.

It just launched online on Sephora a few days ago and I believe it launches in stores May 5.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on it before it launched in the states. I’ve used it for a little while, and here are my thoughts.

Coverfx mattifying setting spray review

Product claims:

What it is: 
An alcohol-free, quick drying matte setting spray that instantly sets and secures makeup for all-day wear, reduces shine, and minimizes the look of pores. 

What it does: 
This alcohol-free setting spray instantly mists on a matte effect, while giving your makeup serious staying power. The ultra-fine mist application delivers a weightless, long-wearing matte finish while absorbing surface shine and minimizing the look of pores. Use it throughout the day for an instant matte touch up as needed

Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray Review

Regular mattifying setting sprays usually contain alcohol, which works to make the skin drier. I don’t usually mind that, but I have to admit that I was intrigued to see that this is alcohol-free.

Instead, it contains kaolin, a form of clay. Clay has strong absorbent qualities. So this literally absorbs excess oil from your skin. I was worried the clay would leave visible particles on my face but it doesn’t.

It doesn’t leave a cast on my face or particles on my face and clothes, and it leaves me more matte for longer than my other setting sprays.

It also reduces (but doesn’t completely eliminate) shine when I spray it during the day when my oils start coming through. So lets say I’m halfway through my day and I am getting oily. When I spray this it reduces shine visibly, but it doesn’t leave me as matte as when I first applied my makeup.

The only potential downside to this product is that mist is kind of wet/strong/too much. I really wish it was the tiniest bit more fine. You can end up with a literally wet face with this if you’re not careful, but it dries relatively quick and it doesn’t mess up my makeup or make it look blotchy so ultimately, I’m not mad at the mist.

I think this is an amazing setting spray for oily skin, and it lives up to most of its claims.

Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray vs Skindinavia Setting Spray Oil Control 

Skindinavia Oil Control Setting Spray vs CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray

Before I got this I was curious to see how it would measure up to the Skindinavia Oil- Control Setting Spray which has been my favourite setting spray for years.

Both are cruelty-free and paraben-free.

The Skindinavia spray relies on alcohol for its oil-control abilities while the CoverFX relies on kaolin to keep the skin matte.

The Skindinavia Spray has a better,finer mist.

The Skindinavia spray is silicone-free but contains alcohol. The CoverFX spray is alcohol free, but contains dimethicone, which is a silicone. So that’s something for people with sensitive skin to consider. 

When it comes down to actual performance, it’s pretty much a tie. I can’t decide. 😂

I feel like the CoverFX keeps me a little more matte for a little longer, and I like that it reduces shine a little bit during the course of the day.

I will probably repurchase the CoverFX over the Skindinavia simply because CoverFX is more accessible. It’s available online at Sephora and in stores as well as on the brand website, but you can only buy Skindinavia setting sprays from the brand website.

The CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray retails for $31 for 4oz/120ml while the Skindinavia Setting Spray retails for $29 for 4oz/120ml.

You can preorder the CoverFX Mattifying Setting Spray here for N16,500. (Nigeria only)


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2 Replies to “Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray Review”

  1. Tati’s review piqued my interest, good on you for being able to pick it up so fast. I’d like to give it a shit, since I’m still on the fence about my Skindinavia. great review and your photography is on point as usual.

    1. Tati’s review caught my interest as well. I also want to try out the Kat von D spray, maybe later in the year. Thank you! 😊

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