ColourPop Ships To Nigeria

Colourpop ships to Nigeria

A couple of days before Black Friday, ColourPop offered free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase.  I was thrilled and I ordered a few things. I hadn’t ordered Colour Pop products to Nigeria before so I was curious to see how long shipping would take, and how it would go.


In my last post about ColourPop’s shipping to Nigeria, I stated that delivery starts at $15 and goes up to $25. Thankfully they have improved and now international shipping is free for orders above $50 and costs $10 for orders under $50. However, they sometimes offer random free international shipping which was what I took advantage of.

Time Taken:

In my experience, products shipped from the US take 2-3 weeks to get to Lagos. I know some people who ordered ColourPop products to Lagos and received their order in about 2 weeks.  So when a whole month passed and my order wasn’t here, I got a little concerned.

The Sigma order I placed on Black Friday arrived and I still hadn’t received this ColourPop order I had placed a few days prior. I finally reached out to ColourPop and I was a little disappointed with the way they handled the matter.

ColourPop Bad Customer Service:

They basically said they don’t do refunds and if I didn’t receive my order, that’s my problem, and they can’t offer me any solutions.

They didn’t even offer to find out what had happened from the shipping company. Nothing. They just pretty much told me to bugger off as politely as possible. 

And I checked, they actually have no policy at all for what happens if you don’t receive your item, so if pay with your card instead of Paypal, and you don’t receive your items, they can and most likely will refuse to refund you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  So make sure you use Paypal when you order from them.

I’m actually quite disappointed with this particular (lack of ) policy. When you shop online from a brand I believe it is their responsibility to make sure you receive your items. Not just to take your money and proceed to ignore you. 

Again, I have to reiterate the importance of paying via PayPal when shopping with indie brands because a lot of them have some very unfriendly policies, or just unpleasant customer service in general. With PayPal you can get your money back if you run into any issues and the brand is being unhelpful. I sometimes forget or I don’t feel like doing the extra step, but after this experience it’s become something I make sure to do every time. 

I know a lot of people have ordered ColourPop to Nigeria and received it with no issues, and I’ve placed numerous orders from the brand in the past and received nothing but excellent customer service, so I’m not trying to bash the brand or anything, I like some of their products and will likely purchase from them in the future. I just feel it’s important to share the negative experiences as well as the positive ones.

Anyway, my order finally arrived after over 6 weeks. I didn’t have to pay anything extra because my package weighed under 500grams.  If your package weighs over 500grams, you usually have to pay a handling charge of 500 naira. So that’s how that went.

Have you ordered ColourPop from Nigeria? How did it go?  I want to try their pressed shadows next. Come and Get It is calling my name.

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5 Replies to “ColourPop Ships To Nigeria”

  1. What a shitty experience. Pele. My ColourPop order shipped on December 25th and arrived on January 17th. I paid a N1, 000 post office charge, but only because the ‘good people’ at the Ikoyi post office insist on collecting that amount for every parcel they deliver to my office. I was pretty busy last week, so I didn’t have time to test my new babies. I’ll do that this week. What did you order? Looking forward to your reviews.

    1. That handling fee really annoys me. 1k though! They said it’s a directive from the head office apparently. Anyway, I ordered backup brow pencils and Hutch Ultra Satin Lip, which is gorgeous! 😍 I plan to pick up their new pressed shadows though, and also try their pencil liners. What did you get?

  2. I got several eyeshadows, but I’m particularly excited about Moonwalk (which I’m wearing right now; it’s pretty) and Donna. I also got lip pencils (Bitchette and Pitch), Most Necessary Highlighter, Clique Lippie Stix, Tansy Ultra Satin Lip, and two Ultra Glossies (Furry and Tokyo Tea). I was tempted to order Hutch, but going by the swatches online, it looks like a close dupe for Milani Matte Fearless – which I rarely wear even though I love it – so I passed. Have a fab week.

    PS: The new blog doesn’t seem to be running properly yet. I couldn’t access this post from the home page.

    1. Ooh, nice haul! They all sound very pretty. Bichette is such a gorgeous colour, and I adore Pitch!
      Thanks for pointing that out to me. I’ll try and fix it. Have a lovely week as well! 💕

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