ColourPop Lippie Primer Review, Photos & Dupe


ColourPop Lippie Primer Review

I’ve been seeing a bunch of searches for a review of ColourPop’s lip primer on my feedback page, and I don’t feel like I properly reviewed it when I did my Collective ColourPop Haul post, so this is going to be a ColourPop Lippie Primer review.

ColourPop Lippie Primer Review: What does a lip primer do?

The Colour Pop Lippie Primer is a balm-like lip product that smooths out the lips, and it makes lipsticks easier to apply. It looks white in the tube but it is clear once applied.

I also wear it alone on no makeup days because I like how it feels on the lips, and it goes on clear and matte on the lips. It’s not sticky or tacky, and it is lightweight. It barely feels like there’s anything on my lips when I wear this. It has no obvious fragrance. I love pairing it with matte liquid lipsticks because it forms a barrier that prevents liquid mattes from sucking all the moisture out of my skin.  It’s practically invisible when applied.


MAC Prep + Prime Lip Dupe?

I have used both the MAC Prep+Prime Lip and the Colour Pop Lippie Primer, and I think the Colour Pop Lippie Primer is better. It feels more comfortable on the lips, almost like a balm. It works well with not just Colour Pop liquid lipsticks, but liquid lipsticks from other brands.

I wouldn’t say it is particularly hydrating or moisturizing, but it prevents the lips from drying out, even when wearing a really drying matte liquid lipstick.

I think it’s a great product all around, and you can’t beat the $5 price. If you wear a lot of liquid matte lipsticks, this is a worthwhile purchase.

This product is available from ColourPop

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