ColourPop Brushes Review

ColourPop launched some eye brushes recently, and I picked up two, which I will be reviewing in this post. I got the Shader brush and the Blending  brush.


ColourPop brushes review

I love the gold and peach packaging. It’s  actually very pretty in real life, even though it looks a little meh online. What I didn’t love was that the  brushes literally came in cellophane, with no proper packaging, and the bristles of one of the brushes was a little bent because there  was no protective  packaging. ColourPop  doesn’t usually do shoddy packaging so this was a bit of a surprise.

ColourPop Brushes Review 

ColourPop Blending brush
I love the Blending brush  because it is flat at the ferrule , and fluffier at the end. This shape makes it great for controlled blending.

ColourPop Shader brush
The Shader brush is really  stiff and great for packing  on  colour. I really like the fact that it comes to a tapered tip, because none of my other shader brushes are  quite like that, and it makes this easier  to get into my inner corner.
Both brushes are great for regular powder shadows. 

The  Shader brush was  able to pick up the original ColourPop creme to powder formula, but  the colour payoff is just not as good as using your fingers. The Blending brush could not blend out the original ColourPop creme to powder formula.

Overall, these are great for regular shadows, not so much for the rather problematic original cream to powder shadow formula ColourPop first created and are best known for. 

Price and where to buy: $6 from the ColourPop website.
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6 Replies to “ColourPop Brushes Review”

  1. I’m looking for brushes that are tiny and dense for applying CP Super Shock shadows in small parts of the upper and lower lid. AKA…a halo look where just small dabs of shadow are applied. Do you have any revommendations? Small dense brushes? I have ONE of “The Balm” duel ended crease & blender brush and because its so densly packed, it works great but, is too big. Plus, “The Balm” brushes are expensive and Im trying to find s dupe…

    1. Hi! I think for that, you’d need a small shader brush, and the one from ColourPop is as good as any other one from any other brand. I also use a small shader brush from Makeup Revolution called the 101 eyeshadow brush. I haven’t found any brushes that give the same colour payoff ass using your fingers, when it comes to the Super Shock shadows, but these two brushes are better than most at picking up the product. One thing that helps is using the tip of a flat brush to scrape up a bit of the shadow before picking it up.

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