ColourPop Brow Pencils- Bangin’ Brunette + Black n Brown

Colour Pop Brow pencils Banging Brunette Black n Brown review swatches

I recently got the new ColourPop brow pencils in the shades Black n Brown and Bangin’ Brunette and I love them! Today’s post will be a ColourPop brow pencil review.


They are very creamy, last all day (I usually wear them for around 8 hours), and they don’t get the shiny/waxy/oily look that some brow pencils tend to get after a few hours in hot weather.

The pencils twist up but can’t twist back down, so that’s something to bear in mind.

The packaging is very nice and very sturdy, especially for 5 dollars. I mention this because the cap of my 10 dollar NYX Brow Pencil won’t close and stay closed. It’s always coming loose and rolling under my bedroom furniture. Very annoying. So I definitely appreciate that all caps on the ColourPop brow pencils close firmly and stay put.


There’s not really much else to say. I find these to be really great quality, especially for the price. Here are swatches.

ColourPop Black n Brown Swatch

Both work for my NW43/NW45 skintone. Banging Brunette gives a more natural look, and Black n Brown is darker and more dramatic.

Purchase Details

This is available to purchase from the ColourPop website for $5

Shipping to Canada took about a week. I ordered a few things in addition to  this. I didn’t  have to pay any import duties. I think you only pay import  duties/taxes on orders worth more  than 100 dollars.

8 Replies to “ColourPop Brow Pencils- Bangin’ Brunette + Black n Brown”

  1. girl your brows are so full you do not even need to fill them in! since I prefer natural looking brows (no instagram – type architectural brows for me), would you recommend I get banging brunette or black n brown? and since its been a while since you wrote this review, how are you liking them several months on?

    1. 😂 @ architectural brows. I know what you mean. I hate when brows look unnatural, like it doesn’t really belong on the face of the wearer. I still love the ColourPop brow pencils. I’d recommend Black n Brown, once you use the spoolie to brush through, it should soften it up. That’s the shade I repurchased because you can use a light hand for a softer, more natural look or you can be more heavy-handed for statement brows. It’s very versatile.

      1. Unnatural brows just do not do it for me at all. I feel like they have you looking “surprised” if you get what I much. Oh thanks for the reco! I’m thinking of getting both the brow colour and the pencil because I hear the pencil transfers pretty easily but that’s to be expected from a pencil anyway. I’m so excited to be trying to out now

        1. Oh, really? I never experienced transferring with the brow pencils but then I don’t touch my made up brows and also because my brows are so full, it’s possible that I might not notice minor fading.
          BTW I hear the brow gels are darker than the corresponding brow pencils, so you might want to do Black n Brown pencil + Banging Brunette gel so you don’t end up with a gel that is too dark. But take this with a pinch of salt I don’t own any of the gel colours. Check out swatches online.

          1. The swatches don’t make it look as dark but I did read another girl’s post where she said the same thing so I think I’ll have to go with banging brunette so my brows don’t end up looking too severe like I used a sharpie to draw it on

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