Coloured Raine Shadows Review and Swatches

Coloured Raine shadows review and swatches
Coloured Raine is best known for their lip products, but they launched their shadows a while ago. I wasn’t interested at the time because I already have a brand of shadows I adore, but I recently got a new magnetic palette and I needed a few more shadows to fill it up so I decided to explore Coloured Raine. So this post is going to be a Coloured Raine shadows review.

I got the shades Downtown, Secrets, and Chocolate.

Downtown (foiled)

This is a foiled coppery shadow that reminds me a lot of MakeUpGeek’s Flamethrower and Colour Pop’s GameFace.

Secrets (duochrome)

This is a beautiful warm dark shimmery brown that is very similar to Colour Pop’s Mooning. I didn’t notice any duochrome action going on, but it’s a beautiful shade regardless.

Chocolate (matte) :

This is a deep dark matte chocolate brown. I’ve been looking for a shade like this.  Chocolate is just a straight up warm dark brown, it doesn’t lean red or purple or cooll. I love it!!! I need to buy backups. I feel like matte shades are the true measure of a brand’s eyeshadow quality and Coloured Raine aced this test.

Other details + dupes

I compared some of these shadows to similar shades on my Instagram so follow me there for more swatches. My handle is @beautyfrenzyblog.

But I just want to quickly state that Mooning from ColourPop and Secrets from Coloured Raine are very similar. So if you’re like me and you’ve been looking for a dupe for ColourPop’s Mooning, I would suggest you try Secrets.

I really love the quality of these shadows. They are very creamy and blendable. They are long lasting and pigmented. They’re not chalky at all.

It is worth noting that they contain talc, but do not contain parabens.

It’s also worth noting that they come in really nice and carefully thought out packaging. Such attention to detail reduces the risk of your shadows arriving shattered.

I think these are really under rated. I don’t hear people talk about them too much, but they’re actually amazing.

Coloured Raine shadows cost 6.99 USD each for all formulas, including the foiled shadows and there are always discount codes to get 10% off your order.
I think I covered everything, but feel free to leave any questions in the comments.

Have you tried Coloured Raine’s eyeshadows? Do you like them?

PS: Unfortunately, there are a few countries Coloured Raine doesn’t ship to, including Nigeria.  But MakeupGeek has tons of similar shades, and they ship to Nigeria, so if you live in Nigeria and you’re looking to try these shades,  MakeupGeek’shadows Flamethrower Thrower is very similar to Coloured Raine’s Downtown, MakeupGeek Americano is a little more purple than CR’s Chocolate, but they’re both warm dark browns, and MUG Steampunk is just a little lighter than CR’s Secrets.

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