Wig Review – Freetress Corin in Blue/Silver 

I’ve been getting soooo many compliments on my hair! 😊😁😄 You guys know how to flatter a girl! 😂 I’ve also been getting a few questions so I wanted to share the deets on this wig. This is the Freetress Corin wig in the colour Blue Silver. 

Gorilla Snot Gel Review

I’ve been hearing about the Gorilla Snot Gel for a while now, but the whole snot-themed branding really put me off. However, I have been struggling with finding something to keep my 4C edges laid all day, so when Dimma of Dimma Umeh said this worked out for her, I decided to get over my…

Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone Hair Products – Review 

Today, I’m reviewing  a brand I’m very excited to share with you guys. I have so much I want to talk about so forgive me if I ramble  a bit. Today’s post is all about the Olori Cosmetics Damage Be Gone line of hair care products. Olori Cosmetics is a Nigerian owned brand that creates…

Wig Review – ISIS Brown Sugar BS212

  Guys, I’ve been on a wig kick of late, it is uber-convenient, you can easily change your look or try out a new look without too much commitment, and best of all, you get to take it off whenever you want to.