5 Products From Nigerian Brands That Will Elevate Your Eye Makeup 

Best Nigerian Makeup brands

Nigerian brands have really been stepping it up lately, and I’m very happy to see them diversify from eyeshadows and lipsticks to other kinds of makeup.

Today I’ll be discussing some products from Nigerian brands that  I’ve been using for my eye makeup. I’m  very impressed with the quality  and performance of these.

1. Uberchic Ville Mink Lashes.

Uberchic Ville lashes review

I feel like lashes add the ultimate final touch of glam to my eye makeup, and I’m currently obsessed with  these. They feel and look so realistic, and they are very lightweight. I love that there are all  sorts of  styles, from simple to dramatic. You’re sure to find something you like in their range of lashes. You can read my full review here, and you can use thebcode “bfrenzy” to get 10% of your order on their website.

2. UberChic Ville Glitters 

Uberchic Ville glitters review swatches discount code

I feel like glitters are in right now. You can go full  glam with a glitter lid, or just add it to your inner crease for a little bit extra pop to a basic eyeshadow look. I just love how it instantly adds a little something  extra to my eyeshadow  look without too much effort. I love the UberChic Ville glitters. The pressed ones are easy so to use, and honestly  I love the loose ones as well, because I can just pile it on, plus I can use the loose ones for my nails as well. They recently launched a glitter primer, so don’t be afraid to try the loose glitters. Ooh, and they launched these massive duo pans  as well. So much newness! 😍😍😍 The code “bfrenzy” will get you 10% off glitters as well on the UberChic Ville website. You  can see reviews  and swatches of all their glitters I own here.

3. Zaron Volumizing Mascara

Zaron Volumizing Mascara review and photos

Who doesn’t like long full  lashes? This is my current favourite mascara because it delivers  just that. And I own mascaras from all sorts of brands from Maybelline to Tarte to Urban Decay, so I’m not easily impressed when it  comes to mascaras. But this gives such volume, length and separation. I paired it with my Lancome lash primer one time and my sister actually thought I was wearing falsies. Even on its own, it’s still  a really good mascara. I highly recommend this one. Buy it from the Zaron website, and read my full review here

4. Taos Cosmetics Eye Liner

Taos Cosmetics Eye liner review

Winged liner has been one of those things I always admired from afar but could  actually never recreate on my own. One of my beauty goals this year was to finally learn how to do winged liner. I feel like liner pens make it really easy for beginners  to do winged liner, and I have been loving this one by Taos, in addition to the L’oreal Super Liner. You can see my full review on it here

5. Browlution pencil by Yanga Beauty

Yanga beauty browlution pencil review swatches

Properly done brows just frame  the face  so perfectly, and a brow pencil is one of the makeup  items I use the most. Even if I’m not makeup, I must fill in my brows, apply some powder to keep oil at bay, and  apply lip balm to keep my dry lips  hydrated.

If you’ve been  reading my blog for  a while now, you know that I’m a pencil person when it comes to brows. The BrowLution pencil is my favourite  for doing full natural brows that don’t look drawn on. It’s not greasy and it doesn’t  disappear throughout the day. I’m just so impressed with it. It’s another Nigerian product that can hold its own against similar  products  from international brands. You can buy it from the Yanga Beauty website, and you can read my full review here.

Which of these products have you tried? Which do you like? Which didn’t work out for you? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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