7 Nigerian Beauty Brands You Need To Check Out.

I love the fact that the Nigerian beauty industry is evolving. There are so many really good up-and-coming brands with so many great products, and you can just see the passion they have for what they do.

Today, I want to share some amazing tried and trusted products from my favourite brands.

Best Nigerian Beauty Brands: Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty

If you haven’t heard of the #browlution pencil by now, it’s time to get familiar!

Yanga Beauty makes quite a few products, including liquid lipsticks, but the BrowLution is my favourite item from them. This retractable pencil creates a natural looking brow that lasts all day even in the Nigerian heat. You can read my full review on it here.

I love that they’re very active on social media and you can always see how their products look on various skintones, from the photos they post. I also really love how they engaged with bloggers, influencers and even customers on social media. I don’t know, it’s not really something I’ve noticed any other Nigerian brand do before now and it makes them seem really approachable, for lack of a better word.

Nova LTD

Nova Makeup Removing Towels are the one beauty item I use every single time I put on (or take off) makeup.  It’s designed for removing makeup using only water, but I also use it dry to spot clean my eye brushes when I’m applying my eyeshadows. I also use soak with micellar water to take off my makeup and it has saved me a fortune in cotton pads and makeup wipes! They’re also really easy to clean and really affordable. Last I checked, it was N2,500 for a pack of two.


Taos Cosmetics 

You might have seen their lipsticks on dupethat’s Instagram page, or on one of Jackie Aina’s videos. This amazing brand offers quite a few products, but so far I’ve only tried their eyeliner, and I liked it. They have a really gorgeous neutral palette that’s a dupe for the Morphe 35O palette. Some of their products are available for sale from UK retailers as well.



FBC Beauty

FBC Beauty makes some really nice glitters, but I think their best product is their Fabulous Palette. The shade selection is absolutely perfect. It really is a complete palette. I also really love their brow pencil.

Olori Cosmetics

The Damage Be Gone line has been a hair saver for me. It makes my impossible-to-comb 4C hair much easier to deal with. If you have stubborn natural hair I highly recommend their Damage Be Gone Conditioner, and no matter what your hair type, I think you’ll love their Damange be Gone Conditioning Shampoo.

UberChic Ville

This up-and-coming brand is another one I really love. Their lashes are to-die-for. Their glitters are absolutely gorgeous. They even have a glitter primer.  Their delivery service is incredibly efficient, and you can get 10% off your order with the code “bfrenzy”. Check out this amazing brand and thank me later.


Zaron Cosmetics

One of the most established Nigerian brands, Zaron has the broadest product offering out of all the brands mentioned here. They make foundations, powders, mascaras, eyeliners, pretty  much any makeup you can think of. They have a great distribution sysyem, and great products with good quality. I love their mascara, trio eyeshadows, eyeliner, lashes, the list goes on. I want to try their foundation next.
What are your favourite Nigerian brands? Tell me in the comments.

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