Best Lash Glue – Eylure Lash Fix Strip Lash Adhesive Review.

Eylure Lash Fix Glue Review

So I recently got into false lashes, thanks to UberChic Ville’s gorgeous mink lashes. As a beginner, I had such a hard time getting false lashes to get on, stay on and look good. I picked up a few tricks and tips on how to make lash application easier. One of them, and what  I consider the most important  thing, is getting  a good lash glue. Today, I’m reviewing what I consider to be the best lash glue.

Eylure Lash Fix Strip Lash Adhesive Review (Clear Finish )

Eyelure’s description: Keep falsies looking natural with Eylure Lashfix Latex Free Strip Lash Adhesive. The long-lasting eyelash glue is safe and effective for use on the eyes, and dries clear to lend your look a natural finish. Keeping false lashes perfectly in place, the latex-free formula dries quickly is perfect for use with your favourite Eylure strip lashes.

Eylure lash fix glue review

I actually got this in a starter pack of Eylure lashes, but it’s  so good I will definitely be picking up the full size soon.

This comes in a tube with a brush-like applicator which is so important to me because I really hate  the glues that come in a squeeze tube. It’s just so messy. Brush on glues are much quicker and easier to  use.

It is white in the tube, but it dries clear.

It is latex free and  does not irritate  my sensitive  eyes.

Most importantly it holds the  lashes firmly  and it lasts all day. I don’t need to worry about my  lashes dangling off halfway through the day.

It is also pretty  affordable.

Best False Lash Adhesive

I have no complaints and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a lash glue. I recommend trying  this product if you’re looking  for  a good lash glue.

What’s your favourite lash glue?

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    1. Lool! Ah! I haven’t tried bonding glue o. My eyes are very sensitive so I don’t think I will be trying that. But if you try it, let me know how it goes. I don’t know where it’s sold in Lagos but I will add details on how to pre-order it to the post.

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