Becca Multi Tasking Perfecting Powder – Review 

becca multi tasking perfecting powder warm honey

Hey guys! Today’s post is about the Becca Multi Tasking Perfecting Powder. This is definitely a “Youtube Made Me Buy It” product, because I feel like every video I’ve seen in the last month or two has this product in it.

A lot of people seem to love it and I was curious to try it out, so let’s get into the review.

According to Becca;

This Multi-Tasking powder imparts a natural finish with the help of pure mineral pigments that are pressed into this silky powder. 5 in 1: Foundation, Set, Highlighter, Contour, Touch-up. 

I have used this in a variety of ways, and here’s how it worked out.


I apply this as a foundation, using a buffing brush. It has decent coverage for a powder.


To set my foundation, I use a fluffy powder brush to apply this and the finish is amazing! I think it works best as an all over setting powder!

Becca Multitasking Perfecting Powder Warm Honey Swatch
A swatch of Becca Multi Tasking Perfecting Powder in the shade Warm Honey


I assume they mean under eye highlight, as this is not a shimmery product, and therefore cannot be used as a cheek highlighter. I use the Miracle Mini sponges from Real Techniques to apply this under my eyes and set my concealer and the formula of the powder is great for that. It is finely milled and weightless. I didn’t notice any creasing.


This shade is too light for me to contour with, but there are several darker shades and judging by its texture/quality/staying power, I would recommend it for contouring with the right brush.

Touch up:

I reapply this through out the day, and it refreshes my makeup without looking cakey.


It is so finely milled and truly flexible. The shade I have is a decent match, for a product that has only 7 shades, and it does exactly what it says it does.
In theory, you can pack this on a trip and be all set as far as complexion products go, so I think it’s a great travel item.  It really is a multi tasking perfecting powder

I also love that it is small enough to fit into a purse/makeup bag without taking up too much space. I actually think the size makes it ridiculously cute

This powder is not very good at controlling oil, but to be fair, it claims to give a natural finish, not a matte one. When I pair it with my really good oil control foundations, it works great for my oily skin.

I’m also not too thrilled about the fact that it is exclusive to Becca’s website, I hope they change that in the future

Another thing is that it contains only 5.66g of product, which is so strange for a powder. Most products have a standard quantity per unit across all brands. It’s 30ml for liquid foundation, around 5ml for concealer, for loose powder it’s around 20g, and for compact powder it’s around 10g. So when I see brands offer 1.5ml of concealer or 5g of pressed powder, it annoys me a little, especially if there’s no corresponding reduction in price, and it’s not specifically intended to be a travel sized item. I ordered this online and it was a bit of a shock to open the package see how small it actually is, considering that it costs $34 where other Becca powder products cost $38.

I also feel like the shade range is limited. There are 7 shades, only 3 of which I can see people with deeper skin using. I know Becca says they’re flexible, and yes, I did find a shade that works for me, but ultimately, with limited shade ranges like this, it is likely that a lot of people might not find a perfect match, either in skintone or in undertone. Personally, I find that the shade Warm Honey isn’t as warm or golden as I’d like. I wish there was a little more gold to it, but I can make it work. Becca could also stand to expand the shade range and cater to more undertones. I think a shade between Tan and Warm Honey with golden undertones would be perfect for me.


I love this product. For me, the most notable thing about it is that it gives an airbrushed finished to the skin. It’s like a filter in a compact.

It has such great coverage, for a powder. And the finish is soooo beautiful.

It does pretty much everything it says it does. However, you’d need different shades for the different functions. That could get expensive real quick. I already have great under eye and contour powders, so this shade will be an all over setting powder, and that’s perfectly fine for me.

Here’s how it looks as a setting powder on me:

Wearing Becca Warm Honey as a setting powder

It’s a versatile product that lives up to its claims, but there is room for improvement, in terms of pricing/quantity and shade/undertones range.

Have you tried this? Do you like it?

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