Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Review [Primer]

becca ever matte poreless priming perfector review

I was so excited when I got this primer.  This is the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, and it was quite possibly one of the most popular products of 2014 (or thereabouts) on Youtube. It was supposed to the be IT primer for oily skin, and I’ve only just realised I never actually got around to doing a review on it.

Becca’s claims;

A targeted oil-control primer that perfects and minimizes pores for mattified skin that lasts up to 12 hours.
Go beyond extending makeup wear to address the root cause of why your makeup moves. This formula specifically targets oil-prone areas and acts as liquid blotting paper to leave your skin fresh and matte all day. Use alone, before, or after foundation to control excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of pores. Feel free to use throughout the day to touch up areas of concern

This product eliminates excess oil for long-lasting matte skin. The formula is sweat- and humidity-resistant and free of silicone, oil, alcohol, and fragrance.

(taken from the Becca website)

I did share my thoughts on it about a year ago on my Instagram

Now you guys know I love Becca ‘s highlighters, but they did a very unimpressive job with this primer.

My Experience

First of all, even before I started having issues with it, there was nothing liquid about this primer.  It is relatively thick for a primer, and it dries to a visible white layer on my dark skin. Also, because of how thick and tacky it is, I don’t see how you can apply it OVER makeup as a way to refresh and mattify your makeup, without messing up the makeup you’re already wearing. It also certainly didn’t keep me oil free for 12 hours, but it was okay for those first few months, and once I applied liquid foundation the previously mentioned white cast would go away, back then.

Fast forward to a few months later, and the primer became difficult to blend into the skin. It would just sit on top of my skin, looking patchy and flaky. It would leave white patches and actual little solid  flakes on my face, which was obvious and visible even beneath my liquid foundation. And I tried all the different methods of application people suggested. I rubbed, patted, etc, etc. Nothing made it look nice. I stopped reaching for it, and I ended up throwing it away.

I really wanted to love this, but it just didn’t work out for me. I felt like it made some big claims it didn’t quite live up to initially, and after a few months it became damn near impossible to use.


I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend, but if you do want to try it, buy the mini size, that way you’re more likely to use up quite a bit of it before it gets difficult to use.

Personally, I’m kind of over mattifying primers. I’ve never quite found one that lives up to its claims.  I still use a primer as a layer that protects my skin and gives the makeup something to adhere to, and I still use a pore-filling primer for my pores when the foundation of the day calls for it. But when it comes to oil control, I find that a good foundation, proper use of powder, and a good skincare regimen (especially regular use of clay masks) do a whole lot more for me than primers do.

Have you tried this primer?  What was your experience? What’s your favourite mattifying primer?

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13 Replies to “Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Review [Primer]”

  1. So yeah I had the same issues with my becca! I even did think I was crazy because, surely, I could not be the only one complaining about such a holy grail product. It leaves a grey cast in my skin even after I’ve applied my foundation. Definitely not repurchasing after this use.

  2. whoa I’m really surprised this primer did not work for you because I got this recently (reviewed it about last week ) and it is heaven in a tube! this is the only thing that keeps my oils under control in this unbearably hot Ghana sun. did you try warming it up between your fingers before patting it on? I found that that helps a whole lot!

    1. I tried everything people suggested, warming it with my fingers, patting it in, it just wasn’t working. It was alright at first, but after a few months it got harder and harder to use and started giving me these issues. I really wanted to love it, but I guess it’s not for me.

      1. I’m really sorry this didn’t work for you. I hear that No7 primer works wonders too. definitely the MUFE step one mattifying too. I’m getting that next to pit against my Becca to see if it performs as well

          1. haha don’t mind me. if it’s pore refinement you want, maybe you should try out the Clinique pore refining solutions. I haven’t tried it yet but reviews of it are pretty favourable

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