Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Setting Powder Review 

Beauty bakerie flour setting powder review

Beauty Bakerie is a makeup brand with an absolutely adorable theme centered around baked goods. When they launched a baking flour for your face, I was simply unable to resist picking it up!

Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Setting Powder Review

Product Information

Our vegan, Yellow HD Flour® Setting Powder reduces redness and allows you to set your foundation in place for a long day’s wear. With an HD feature, it will smooth out and soften your complexion while reducing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections leaving you with a beautiful, matte finish.

Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Setting Powder Review

Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Swatch

I opted to keep the seal and just poke a few holes in it. That way I can better control how much product I dispense at a time.

Beyond the cutesy packaging, this is a really good, brightening setting powder. It brightens the under eye area on my deep skin, and mattifies it without drying it out. It sets my concealer in place and prevents it from creasing.

I think the colour correcting properties of this powder might be more visible in lighter skintones. I didn’t notice any colour correction on my skintone.

Overall, I think it lives up to its claims, and I really like it.

Buy the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powders on the brand website. They recently launched free worldwide shipping!!!

Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Setting Powder vs Sacha ButterCup Setting Powder 

Sacha ButterCup vs Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour Swatch
Top: Sacha ButterCup. Bottom: Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour
Sacha ButterCup leans more golden as you can see from the swatch. Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour is cooler and lighter, but when applied and blended out, I honestly cannot tell a difference between the two in terms of colour.

The Beauty Bakerie Yellow Flour feels smoother and more finely milled, but the differences are negligible.

These two give essentially the same result. I didn’t notice any obvious differences.

Have you tried this or anything else from Beauty Bakerie? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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