Bad Habit After Palettes- Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes Dupes?

Bad Habit After Palettes Review - Huda Obsessions Palette Dupes!

Hey guys today I’m going to be reviewing the Bad Habit After Palettes.

These are supposed to be dupes for the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes. There are four palettes in all, just like with the Huda Palettes.

Below I have shown swatches of the Huda Beauty warm Brown obsessions compared to the bad habits After Dark palette. I also made a video showing you how both apply side by side.

Huda Beauty warm Brown Obsessions dupe bad habit after dark

If you’d like to see more swatches of the rest of these palettes then please follow me on Instagram and let me know what palettes you want to see me swatch next.

So I would say that both of these palettes are dupes. But there are a few colors that are different but generally you can get the same look with both. I feel like Bad Habit palettes are becoming a little too expensive for being dupe. I found the quality of the Huda pallets to be better than that of the Bad Habit palettes but I guess for the price of $10 I can do with a little bit less good quality.

Meanwhile what you guys think of this sort of dupes. I’m starting to feel like they take all the hard work of the original brands and rip it off, which seems a bit unfair to me. It’s one thing to have a similar color scheme, but it is something else entirely to rip off all the hard work that someone else has done. I always feel some type of way when all these dupe brands do the same packaging and layout as the original brands. What you guys think.

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