Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation – Amber

ABH Amber Stick Foundation Review Swatches

ABH recently released a line of foundation sticks. I’ve already gushed about how wonderful and inclusive and amazing the idea is on my Instagram so let’s get into the review.

ABH’s claims:

A highly pigmented, buildable cream formula that leaves a natural matte finish. Apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation as an all-over foundation, sheered out as a tinted moisturizer, or for highlighting and contouring.

Available in 28 shades 
Lightweight tubes are perfect for travel and on-the-go touch ups
Ideal for combination or oily skin
A shade for all skin tones

I picked up the shade Amber.

Amber is half a shade lighter than my skintone, so it’s not an exact match, but by the time I’ve done my whole face(contouring/setting powder), it all comes together.  For the purposes of testing the foundation, I did try it all by itself (without primer) a few times, and again with primer a few times.

Okay so let’s run through the four major things I look out for in a foundation:

: This is easy to apply. Just swipe it on your properly prepped and primed skin and blend in with a dense buffing brush (sprayed  with makeup spray if you like). I had no issues with application or blending. ABH suggests using  a damp beauty blender. I used both a damp sponge (under my eyes) and a dense buffing brush (the rest of my face), and I liked both results. it is meant to be applied to the high points of the face, then blended out.


Coverage/Weight: This is medium buildable coverage, but it can also be sheered out. Coverage is customizable to your preference.  I think you will really have to go IN to get full coverage. I felt I was better off colour correcting  or spot concealing problem areas, and stopping at medium coverage. I’m just pointing out that it’s not full coverage. It feels lightweight. I don’t feel like there’s  a foreign layer on my face that I need to take off.

Consistency/Finish: This is light weight with a natural,skin-like finish. I love the finish of this foundation, actually. It wasn’t dewy but it wasn’t powdery either. I’m assuming this is what natural matte means. It blended well and didn’t sit on top of my skin. I actually got a lot of compliments about how nice my skin looks while wearing this, and that is what I aim for when I wear foundation. Not “What foundation is that”, but “wow your skin looks great.”

Longevity:  This wore well for about 7 hours without touching up (indoors). I didn’t even get too oily on my forehead and cheeks. Only my nose got really oily (which for me, is inevitable). I’m really impressed. With blotting and powdering this should take me through the standard 8- ish hours that I need my makeup to look decent. It doesn’t break down when I sweat. I’m not anticipating any issues with this one, but as always, I will let you guys know via IG or a “regrets” post if I run into any issues with this. It didn’t settle into my smile lines, but without primer, it doesn’t smoothen out pores. You will need primer if you have large pores. It didn’t break down or get patchy, but it did fade over the course of the day. It lasted about 8-9 hours before fading (with primer).


Here’s what I like about this foundation so far:

Price: At 25 dollars, I have concealers that cost more than this foundation, and considering that ABH is a higher end brand, I’m  impressed with the pricing.

Shade range: There  are 28 or more shades. There are 8 or 9 shades deeper than this, so there should be something for everyone.

Packaging: You guys know I’m  a sucker for pretty packaging and I love the black and gold sleekness of the ABH foundation stick. The packaging seems to be a mix of metal ( the removable top), and sturdy plastic (the rest of the tube that actually contains the foundation) and it closes firmly.  Also, unless I’m moving house, or I’m going to be gone for a long time, I tend not to travel with my liquid foundations because I’m paranoid they will break and get all over my clothes. For that reason alone, I love the packaging of stick foundations and I will be trying out a few more. ( The Hourglass  Vanish Stick is next on my list)

Performance: It lasts for a decent amount of time. It doesn’t transfer all over the place. It’s actually pretty transfer resistant for a few good hours. It looks and feels natural and lightweight. It doesn’t settle into smile lines. It didn’t break me out. It is also really good at controlling oil.


This isn’t really a problem for me because I have oily skin, but if you have dry skin, you’re probably not going to enjoy this. It’s not formulated for dry skin.

Also, it doesn’t smooth over pores. It doesn’t emphasize them, but it doesn’t minimize them either. They’ll just look how they normally do, so if you have large open pores, you will need a primer.

Coverage is light to medium. It doesn’t cover hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and dark under eye circles unless you really pile it on, but to be fair, it doesn’t claim to.

This is not really a con, because it’s not like it’s difficult to blend on it’s own, BUT it blends easier when I use a watery primer like my Skindinavia priming spray. Pro -tip: spray your brush with Fix Plus or setting spray or any spray of your choice to aid blending.


Verdict: I really like it. It’s not revolutionary, and it’s not a holy grail product for me, it doesn’t displace any of my top 3 foundations, BUT I really think ABH has a winning formula for oily skin with this. The feel and finish are great. It is a good everyday, medium coverage foundation. It’s worth considering if you’re  looking to try a stick foundation, especially if you have oily skin with little to no blemishes, and you want light to medium coverage with a natural looking finish. I’d also recommend it for highlighting and contouring. If you can find a good shade match, it’s  a good foundation that lives up to its claims.

If you want something that’s full coverage, or if you have some blemishes that you want to cover without having to do a whole lot of colour correcting and extra concealing, you’re not going to like this.

Have you tried this or any other stick foundation? Did you like it?

Price /Where to buy: Anastasia Beverly Hills Website.

19 Replies to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation – Amber”

  1. Awesome review! I’m somewhat of a foundation junkie so I think I’m going to try this now especially after seeing that you said it’s buildable coverage! Very thorough post, thank you!

  2. so I haven’t tried this yet because I feel like the undertones are iffy. I’d try it in a heartbeat because it’s actually pretty affordable, even after exchange rate and shipping and all of that, but last thing I want to do is spend 150 cedis on a foundation and end up looking orange as an oompa loompa or grey as a ghetto ghost lol

    1. 😂😂😂 I had such a hard time figuring out my shade. It’s just one of those foundations you need to get matched in person for. I think the shade descriptions are very misleading. I think Cool Golden might match me best but there’s nothing cool in my undertones so I’ll just stick with Amber till I can go get shade matched in person.

      1. my thoughts exactly. do the undertones on Amber match you well though? a lot of people my skin tone use espresso but that is under the warm olive category, and ain’t nothing olive about me. I might just cave and get cocoa. it’s red but I’m pretty sure I can make it work, just like you do

          1. For a 25 dollar foundation. I’m sick of this exchange rate. I think I’m even done buying from 3rd party resellers because it makes an already expensive product even less affordable. I mean 25 dollars is fine. But then add in the exchange rate and the crazy charges from the resellers and it becomes quite expensive.

          2. I totally feel you on that. Their excuse is shipping, but still doesn’t justify the price. I was shocked when Anastasia announced the price as 25 dollars, I was honestly thinking it would cost a lot more than that. if you’re interested, I know a girl that has the Hourglass Vanish foundation for 150 cedis (about 12000 naira) which isn’t bad if you consider its a whooping $46

          3. I’m literally just about have a friend order it for me on Sephora so I can get it at the actual cost price and also get a few freebies. It will take a while to get to me but I can wait. If that doesn’t work out then I’m definitely interested in the 12k one. Does she have the shade Golden Almond?

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below! I read every single one and I try my best to reply as much as I can.