Anastasia Beverly Hills Spring 2018 Liquid Lipsticks Review, Swatches and Photos!

ABH Spring 2018 liquid lipstick swatches review dark skin

ABH has launched 11 shades of liquid lipsticks for spring 2018! I think some of these are re-promotes, but the majority of them are brand new!

I am loving this colour scheme for spring! ABH is serving us deeper nudes with a smattering of fun shades and I am all the way here for it!


I just moved so my stuff is all over the place, but I hope to have swatches of just my favourite deep nude shades up either here on the blog or on my Instagram.

In the meantime, here are all 11 shades, swatched on my lips!


I think I speak for most people when I say that nude lipsticks are the shades we tend to reach for the most.I love that most of this collection is actually wearable. I feel like brands do a lot of pastel shades for spring, which is cute for the ‘gram but who actually goes to work in lavender lipstick? It is so refreshing to see something more realistic. There are still definitely a few fun shades in there for the rebels amongst us.

My top shades for deep skintones are Maude, Malt, Bohemian and Bitter Sweet. They are just so pretty and everyday wearable.

I think lighter skintones will appreciate Grim, Poet, Dazed and Hudson.

For those who like their lipsticks to be interesting, Insomniac, Requiem and Nocturnal are great. Not that I would ever leave my house wearing those -(except maybe to a concert?) – but I really love those three shades. I think its fascinating that they chose to release a navy blue shade as part of the spring collection.

Overall, these are great with a few exceptions, which I pointed out in my video, but to recap, I don’t like the formula of Nocturnal, and Requiem gets weird when layered.

Aside from those two, I do feel like this is an improvement over the formula of the first ABH liquid lipstick I tried.

Which shades will you be picking up?!

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